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    Our shared values in Y5: To care for myself and others by making sure we are all safe and happy. To be honest in all we do/say. We always work hard and try our best. We listen carefully and thoroughly. We make sure we are always giving our best, so everyone else can be the best that they can be. We look after our property.
    We like to be 'leaders' and not 'followers' We always choose the 'good' light inside of us. We make the right choices at the right time.

    Anyone can train hard for a short period. Winners give their best every hour of every day for months on end.

    In 5V we like to stop and think - before we do or speak.

    'Give children a thought and they’ll learn for a day. Teach them to think and they’ll learn for a lifetime.’David Hyerle
    If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.- William Arthur Ward
    You cannot write it, if you cannot say it; you cannot say it, if you haven't heard it. - Pie Corbett

    We love to share our way of thinking, it does help us in our learning!

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    Queen Victoria: Reigned: 1837-1901 [63 years and 7 months]

You can count on me


Hello Y5! I know I’ve said I’ll do this entry by the end of August – like all other years, as it’s the last day of the academic year, but thought to do it a bit earlier this year. It is for you the end of year 5, but not the end of your school years. It is also the end of my time teaching you, which is a sad time for me. Together we’ve been through a lot this year and therefore, I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone of you, who also made me grow as a teacher over the year, thinking how to alter things in class for a lively group like you. A year ago, I was delighted to know that I’ll be teaching Y5 – again – and then I was fortunate to have you landed on my lap! We had ups and downs – with some of our class friends, but that is part of the ‘learning‘ – for you as children and for me as your teacher. Every one of you is unique, every group you as teacher teach, is unique and that is part of what makes teaching enjoyable and interesting – it is all about YOU. You made me reflecting, more than other years, about teaching methods and ways to engage you in the learning process and how to ensure that you make good progress. It was a real privilege  to have a group like you, so many different personalities, not a single boring day! I do look forward to see how you will grow even more next year and to know in what ‘big‘ things you will go one day and hope all those big dreams will come true for you! A MASSIVE thank you for your positive attitude whenever we were busy with our work. You always took everything so serious, even in the smallest task you put in a lot of effort to make a success of it. Thinking now about the morning-register task about your ‘thinking’, which Mrs J thought was a lovely idea. How much creativity you put into it. I liked your way of thinking, how you always shared your ideas with me whenever we discussed a project and what is the best way to complete it. Thinking about the Art pieces you produced, your writing and how poetic you could get in your writing – which I loved! – your science books and how you carefully worked to make it look like a science book and even our Victorian and WW2 work – not to forget our wonderful WW2 assembly!! I can go on about everything – even the lovely rhinos. I’m very pleased with the progress you all made, not only in your academic work, but also how you’ve developed in more mature-thinking little adults, e.g. during our last few PE lessons, where we learnt how to play rounder ‘properly’. From the first session up to the last session, I could see how you’ve grown in being more helpful and kind and to see the ‘humour‘ in what others do and their thinking. Instead of being a bit ‘unkind’ when someone wasn’t following the rules, you could turn it into a positive and bring in some humour to let the game flow! Well done to you all. It was GREAT to have you as a class, to work with you and to get more of you to understand how important it is to learn from your mistakes and to ‘move on’ from those mistakes or to know how to ignore little things and to grow out of it and to stand out! Thank you for your kind and positive comments on the last day, when we reflected about the year. Some of you said it was a ‘fun’ year- [Jatinder said he wish all his teachers were ‘fun’ teachers – in his card, how nice!] I tried to make lessons fun for you, or at least to do things in a ‘different’ way. Some of you said that I always tried to teach in a ‘creative’ way and to link your topics to something creative – which is great to know, as I don’t like to do things in a ‘boring‘ way and hope that you all have gained something from doing the same thing in a ‘different’ way. I hope your summer holiday is a SUPER DUPER time! Don’t stress about Y6, it’s your holiday! You all will do really well in Y6, and luckily, I’m just opposite your class, so easy to drop in to say ‘hi’! You know I’m always around during lunch times, so please come and have a chat! Thank you again for being such wonderful young people. I hope to see a lot of level 5’s and 6’s next year! You all can do it, go for it! This song is for you, it says: ‘You can count on me’ – exactly what you can do, whenever you need me! [PS: look out for the newsletter later this month – on the h/w page – pictures of your lovely tiles can also be seen on the ‘some of our work’-page] Mrs Vxx






Thank you

Thank you to the girls who sang this song so beautifully during lunch time today. You need to sing more! – look out for my message by the end of August on the blog, as I said today!

Zindzi – our Rhino project!



In Y5 we’ve been learning about Rhinos and the poaching of Rhinos! We are going to have a stuffed rhino – not a real stuffed rhino – visiting us in September for 3 weeks. Please read HERE more about Zindzi and the other 4 travelling rhinos. In our school we take part in this global project, started by a South African teacher from a school in Cape Town. We have learnt – from this link – that there have been 688 Rhinos poached – in South Africa only! – during 2012 and January till 16th July 2013, the number for 2013 was already 482. The latest statistics – 18th July – 488! Six more Rhinos after only 2 days! This is SCARY. See the table below – click on the image for a larger view. We are busy to raise awareness in our school about the poaching of Rhinos. During September Zindzi will visit some classes and they will also learn about Rhinos and how we need to care for our animals in the wild. We have been working on a Power Point about the Rhinos and here are some of our work to enjoy, though we are still in the stage of improving our Power Points. We are also busy working on small project of colouring little Zindzi’s that will get displayed in classes around the school with another little Zindzi with Rhino facts. Look at our creative patterns. We need to colour a lot of Zindzi’s – to have them on display in every corner of the school! Click the following power point presentations to enjoy our work.

Rhinos Harnoor

Rhinos Gurjoth

Rhinos Jeevan

Rhinos Anaya













Update: 7/8/2013

Zindzi has arrived! Here she is, safe and sound!



‘Please, my mummy needs her horn! Don’t hurt her!!’


The Piano

Piano Keys2

In Y5 we have been studying a short film and we turned the visual images into narrative. Please enjoy some of the stories, more will get added over the next few days. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to edit and improve our stories. Some Y5’s are still busy writing, but please enjoy their stories, even though incomplete. The video is also in this entry.

The Piano
As the bright, scorching sun lightened the day, I was playing a soothing melody which was peaceful, yet calm. Since I was a young lad, I started playing the piano; my loving and caring mother encouraged me to play the piano. She solemnly sat in front of me, delicately grabbed my supple, bony hand with scrawny fingers. Her charming and attractive face disappeared slowly and in my mind, oh yes! I cannot forget the memories about Mum!

Such lovely times, since father died, we had together. I first thought life was a misery with gloomy thoughts, but mother filled my heart with great joy. Time passed and second by second, my heart felt lonesome ever since mum’s absence from my life.
Mary! Mary! My gorgeous, dazzling wife! As I entered a flamboyant restaurant, she sat there all smart and elegant. In a split second of an eye-catching moment, a shy lady came up to me. “Excuse me, may I sit here?” How could I say no! Charming and elegantly, she showed me how to dance, eventually I married her!

The War! A young, admirable soldier, constantly fighting against the Germans in my mind, a spark-thought appeared! ‘How will we defeat the Germans?’ Endless questions, questions without answers. As I cautiously stepped behind the wall, ear-piercing gun-shots painfully hurt my ears! Terrified, traumatized and heartbroken, my friend was DEAD! Can you believe it? My BEST friend died! How awfully hurtful! His spirit will remain forever in my soul.

Sorrowfully and solemnly, I continued spending my time and thoughts with myself. Fortunately, I still have one individual person in my life.
My loyal and supportive grandson, who supports me the entire journey at the moment. Cheerfully and merrily, I sat in front of the piano with him. I handed him my long-time gift, a hobby horse! How many times did I enjoy my time as a little boy on that same old horse! He firmly gave me a hug, knowing that I will be with him every single moment. Sitting together at the piano, I hope he will one day follow my footsteps in becoming a pianist. ++ ANAYA


WW2 Art – Keerat – in the style of Paul Nash


The Piano – Jasmine

Without looking back, petrified and frightened, I dashed across the muddy and dreadful trenches. Inside me, my heart beat a thousand beats, as I dashed across these murky trenches to get to safety!  A stream of sweat ran down my back; a trickle of blood swept across my arm.  It was a race against time, as I scurried and hurried across to the derelict brick wall, where I was safe. But, before I could reach it, I stopped dead in my tracks. Suddenly, everything became a blur to me. Around me, I could only hear a Nazi general crying out a command.

That was the day I met Evelyn. Her swirly auburn hair and her sea green eyes comforted me. At the hospital, there I was when I saw her. She was the one that taught me this piece I was playing. It reminded me of her, the way she would hum the tune merrily and cheerfully.

Then I stopped. I opened my eyes wide like huge glass beads, wider than an owl’s eyes. What had just happened? I had felt something on my cheeks. Could it be? Could it be my sweetheart?

“I love you Evelyn,” a trickle of salty water running down past my cheeks “and I will never, ever forget you.”

I carried on with the harmony, each tune I reminisced about more of what had happened during my life. Just then, the script of my life unraveled before my mind. That day, in Dunkirk. In the midst of war, guns firing rapidly across the deserted land. Me running, running through broken down buildings to my half-brother Thomas.

Remembering this moment gave me a mixed variety of emotions. Such sorrow, wishing he didn’t leave the wall after noticing an enemy, him dying before my eyes, tearing my heart in two. COULD I have saved him? I could not change the past but I could not forget about it as well.

At that moment, I remembered more even farther and farther into my grief-stricken past. In December, on Christmas that hobby horse I was given by mother and father. It was the first Christmas gift I was given, in a light blue box, and its soft velvety ribbon tied around it. As I was the only child, I was forever lonely. That hobby horse, tattered and worn out was given to my grandson, Robert. [to be continued]++ Jasmine



WW2 Art – Jiovanni – in the style of Paul Nash


The Piano –By Keerat

Have you ever felt that you long to be with your loved ones? Some say “Yes!” because they love them; others say “NO”, because they feel uncomfortable with them.

As the cold winds fluttered upon the orange-pink night sky, the shadows of the loved ones came to life and filled your desire with love.  Sitting all by himself, while paining in agony, the old friendly man, Novak, played his piano tunefully. The one, who he loved the most, came and drowned her tears in Novak’s black and sorrowful heart. Whilst playing piano, Novak was crying inside him, as he was remembering his divorced wife, who he loved very much. Playing the grand piano, Novak felt the spirit of his divorced wife, putting her blood-red looking lips on the wrinkled old face of Novak. As Novak stared around in the dusty room, the one he loved the most disappeared into thin dust, like moondrops on a flower!

When the depressed man remembered fighting in Afghanistan, a small tear dropped on the fragile and old piano.  As Novak remembered the bombs, which flew into the buildings in all directions, he remembered his best friend, who died in his lap! Novak loved Andy; he loved him like a brother and he said he would never forgive the person who killed him. Soon his thoughts about the war and all his friends, turned into thin dust!

Sitting quietly in the ghostly room, the wrinkled old man remembered his past life as a young boy, playing with his brown hobby horse. Feeling sorrowful, he remembered the good times and the bad times. As the old man played the piano, a lonely tear appeared, as he kept on remembering the best and sad parts of his life. When his clever grandson came around, he gave him his frail and old hobby horse in a beautifully wrapped box with a blue ribbon to undo. The moment he saw it, his eyes lit up, as he loved horses so much. After continually playing with his hobby horse, he gently put it on the floor and sat down with his grandpa. Making a great team, as they played a relaxing melody, their thoughts met and they shared a happy moment. ++ Keerat


WW2 Art – Simranjit B – in the style of Paul Nash


THE PIANO – Kuljit

 When the sky parted, with a terrible roar, the dark, gloomy room was filled tranquility and peace, when the gentle touch of bony fingers on the delicate keys echoed across the spacious attic. An old man focused on the melodious melody until his wife, Mary, who was a ghost-like image, joined in with this calm and peaceful melody.  Her hair was crests of bubbles on oil. 

As the clouds  and lightning rumbled and grumbled, death passed by, whilst the old man dashed through the war-torn battlefield, hearing the cries of the enemy! Secretly and suspiciously, the old man crouched behind the wall; a stream of sweat ran like a river down his back. As he gave a signal to his best friend, Jack to shoot, unfortunately a bomb blasted his best friend down. His last words were, “Never give up!” All the time he believed in himself, carry on doing what was needed.

Lonely and depressed, his racing heart pumped faster and faster, as he played the calm tune, whilst retrieving his thoughts about his one and only grandson, Tommy, who had straggly hair with a pale face and red cheeks. [to be continued] ++Kuljit


The Piano- Harsh

The heavy door opened with an ear-splitting squeak, as I entered the empty, dark and gloomy room. Each corner of the place was sheltered with the smelt of dust! Hearing my footsteps echoing, whilst walking towards my comfy chair, filled me with ecstasy and I sat down playing the first note…

“TING!” Vigilantly, fully aware of the emptiness of the room, I started playing the piano, it was the tune that my wife taught me in the past. It was mind-boggling! I still remembered it, it feels like yesterday when I learnt it. Still such a virtuous, exemplary tune filled me with joy and excitement. As I endlessly played this sweet melody from the past, a kiss of peace was  placed on my pale cheek. The blessed, devout spirit, of my considerate, soft-hearted, wife!

“BOOM” the sounds of bullets cracking my eardrums, I ran towards the war-torn trenches, ducking down to save myself, however my muscular, gracious teammate followed the sign and had made an effort to shoot, however, he suddenly and sadly died in front of my eyes! It had got the life out of me! I was alone…

I saw myself as a young son, running around like the earth spinning around the sun. My eyes got filled with smiles! What a pleasant feeling. Greeting my grandson with a gift I, stepped forward to him, he had no idea what was wrapped inside the large box. Cautiously, he opened the gift and with a curious and eager face, he found it was hobby horse! Soon he started to ride it, feeling more blissful than last time, but finally he sat down on the comfy chair with me joining in with the tune I was playing, sharing some thoughts about the future.  ++ Harsh 

The Piano- Shivam

There Harry sat; lonely and broken-hearted, wishing the past came back. Did he do something wrong? Is that why he’s there on his own? As he played on the piano a soft beautiful tune, Harry thought about the past and who he was then and now. Throughout that moment, his wife came and started with her fingers, gliding across the black and white keys of the piano, as she played the tune slowly and thoughtfully.  Empty and dusted air got replaced by soft and soothing sounds. Gently and carefully, he removed his hand so Jenny could enjoy playing the melodious, but sad tune. As Harry removed his hand, a shiny, golden ring, wrapped around his pale, bony finger – like magic – instantly carried his thoughts away. What was it?

Jenny concentrated on the grand piano, as it was her life being a pianist. There she sat, leaving Harry to rest, then after that charming moment with a touch of magic, Harry took advantage again, as the soul of Jenny passed and made way for Harry to move on. It was a deadly war where he fought as a soldier. Bombs and gunshots, he heard it at this precious moment, he ran at full speed with his shocking gun and gave a signal to his friend, Sed, who was the captain of the Vicious Warriors. Sed turned around and got ready to shoot, but in an instant, the next bullet had already struck him, in the heart! There he laid, while blood dripping and flowing, passing on a memory to Harry. Harry held him as tight as he could, try to let all brave tears out. Sitting there asking himself, “Why did this happen?”

Harry was about to stop playing, then suddenly a peaceful thought flashed through his mind. His blissful childhood! His most fascinating day was when his kind father gave him his wooden toy horse and the favourite feeling in his heart became a gifted moment for both of them. Harry would ride his beloved horse nearly every day, because he it was such a precious gift, like this moment was for both of them. His horse was a memory of how much love he showed to his grateful father. Was his life happy? [to be continued] ++ Shivam


The Piano – Komal

Cheerful and relaxed, wrinkled and bony old hands peacefully played the grand piano in the quiet and dark room. As he slowly touched the keys of the piano, his memories caused a whirl and a twirl in his mind and then the spirit of his beloved wife that passed away years ago, visit him whilst playing the piano. As her spirit disappeared peacefully and undisturbed, the old man calmly slowed down his play on the black and white keys. Jack was now lonely, lonely, without any support, for the rest of his life…

When the spirit of his old wife disappeared, the friendly old man’s thoughts dashed off to the occupied battlefields during War time! Frightened and worried, but brave as he could, he fought for his country.  Whilst groups of soldiers shot in directions, an innocent friend died!  Jack tried to help him, but sadly without luck. Unfortunately, Jack’s friend had died instantly, like his beloved wife. He felt abandoned like a deer without his mother.                                   

As Jack remembered his childhood, millions of thoughts flashed through his mind, but one single thought stood out. When he got his first hobby horse, which he wanted from the age of 2m he was filled with excitement. Then he remembered himself playing around joyfully.

After a few moments, Jack remembered his own grandson! It was him on the hobby horse now. Together they sat and shared a smile. [to be continued] ++Komal


WW2 Art – Jeevan – in the style of Paul Nash


Harnoor: Seasons

In Y5 we’ve been learning about seasons during our ‘Earth and beyond’ topic in Science. We had an art day, where we started the day by playing around with all the colours and we created our own pallet of colours. We all then painted the seasons, by looking at our pallet and thinking carefully about the colours of each season. We tried to paint the seasons in the style of Jo Anne Wyatt, an American artist. [see her painting in this entry] Please enjoy some of the beautiful art of our Y5’s.


Jeevan – Seasons

Komal: Seasons



Yesterday was Priya’s birthday! Happy Birthday to you, again, Priya, we hope you had a fantastic day in school!  Enjoy the video! Next week Wednesday it’s Keerat’s birthday and we have two class friends with birthdays during the holiday.  AvirajS-28th August and Sukhman-19th August. We hope your birthdays will be fantastic days. Happy Birthday to you all!

Live Write with friends – 2

Sun – ‘Saturn’


Wow, what an incredible picture of the sun! It makes the sun look like Saturn! @fascinatingpics


What a FUN day!


Everybody was helping! Fantastic team work was seen from all the groups.

In Y5 we had a FABULOUS day – on Friday, 12th July. We made our own trebuchets and at the end we tested it. We also learnt a bit of the history of the trebuchet. It was SO MUCH fun and we all loved it.

Learning a new skill on the paper rollers that turn 3 sheets of newspaper into a strong, sturdy stick!
Look! This is how: First you roll your paper very lightly, then you press down on the frame and turn the handle, whilst pressing down – for about 20 seconds.

The cable tie tensioner – a new tool we all learnt how to use it!
We feel so proud, we made this ourselves! Our sticks were neat and tidy, which gave us a ‘gold’ for the making process!
Testing time – can you spot the ball? Wow!


Chandan, Bhavkirat and Jasmine – from 5K, who missed their FUN day on Wednesday. Chandan’s comments:This was the BEST project EVER in my whole school career,  I LOVE DT and love designing and making things.’ They also scored a ‘gold‘ for neat, tidy and strong paper sticks.


In our groups we had a sheet stuck on our work space with the safety rules and instructions, so whenever we got stuck, we could refer back to it for some help! 

Quotes from Y5’s about the Trebuchet project:

Anaya: It improved my DT skills.  SimranjitD: The safety rules helped me to know how to stay safe and what would happen if I get a cable tie around my finger! Jatinder: It was a brilliant project for working in teams and how to use new equipment and we should do this every year with Y5. Manjot: It involved all subject skills. Shivam: Great team work, everybody had a part to do and there were easier and harder parts to do. We were all very actively busy all the time.  Aviraj S: It was fantastic, I learnt a lot. Avneet: I liked the team work and to support my friends in doing something together. Chandan: It was mind-boggling!  I learnt about new equipment and how to use it, in particular the cable tie tensioner and the paper roller. I was also ‘shocked’ to see how far the ball could travel with a trebuchet made of paper! It was an amazing and fascinating project! We also discovered: The heavier the weight, the further the ball travelled! Bhavkirat: It involved so many subjects, new equipment and it looks pretty cool! AvirajB: It’s a great structure to make and I’m so pleased that Mr V came to do this with us. I also learnt about symmetry! One side helped you to know how to complete the other side! Gursimran: Everybody participated in something and I even learnt about the history of the trebuchet and it involved a lot of maths and more I improved my DT skills. Gurjoth: The rolling of the sticks was great fun and I enjoyed using the cable ties for the first time. Parampreet: It was a challenging project and I liked the cable tensioners. Sukhman: It was an amazing and very exciting project. Ms B [our TA]: It was fantastic to see how they worked in groups and even how some started to support their friends in other groups. Everybody agreed: It was mind-boggling, everybody was engaged, enjoyable, cool, creative project, exciting, something from the past, amazing, impressive, etc. Mr V: Next time you can measure the height of the ball as well. In historical times these trebuchets were used from inside the castle walls and those walls were quite high. 


‘Listen to me, I know how this paper roller works, you need to keep your hands safely away from the gears, yes, like this…’



‘…. and this is how… you pull the ball back, with the weight in place…and … 1, 2, 3 let go!’


‘BEST fun ever’

Taljot and Harveen

Today was Taljot’s birthday and yesterday Harveen D’s! Happy Birthday to you both and  we hope you had a fantastic time! Enjoy the video!

Live write with friends


Please click HERE to access our session with Brunswick Y5 and Mrs Brayford.

Earth Sun Moon

Have fun again and click HERE to watch the animation we watched in class.



It’s been a long time since we’ve had our last ‘celebrity’ entry! We still have ‘celebrities’ – they are just slightly ‘quieter’ than the ‘normal’ celebrities. Y5’s have suggested some of our ‘celebrities’ and other ‘celebrities’ have chosen to be one – with good reason! Well done to the following celebs!: Gursimran, Keerat, Parampreet, Ruben, Shivam, Krish, Kiran, Harveen D, Harveen S, Komal and AvirajB!

STEM Project

We are very excited – Y5’s will be making a trebuchet like this on Friday 12th July. This is going to be great fun – as we will be making the paper sticks ourselves as well and at the end, lots of fun are waiting to test various balls! We’ve been asked to bring lots of newspapers into school for this project. This project links to: Maths, Science, Design and Technology en Engineering = STEM! 




In Y5 we’ve been learning about Space – our science topic for this half term. We had a visit of the mobile learning planetarium dome and our teacher has decided to do some ‘space’ art – but in a ‘different’ way. This is Harnoor’s completed art – some of us are still in the process of completing our work. See more of our art on the ‘work’ page.

Rap your work!


Today Y5’s have been asked to RAP their Numeracy! Our topic was ‘probability‘ – as part of our Data Handling unit. We listened to the music on this link: vimeo.com/42815675 to support us in our raps. Our teacher gave us all the key words she wanted us to use and we could add in our own ‘bits’ and phrases as well. We all loved it and thought it was great fun!

Paul Nash

Paul Nash is our Artist we are currently studying. He was a war artist. He was also in WW1 trenches himself!

1889–1946 Nationality: British Paul Nash was one of the most original British artists of the first half of the 20th Century. Working in the tradition of William Blake and Samuel Palmer, his paintings express a deep, mystical attachment to the English countryside.

He was an official war artist during Word War I, painting the scarred landscape of the Western Front where he had served as a soldier before being wounded. In the late 1920’s he became interested in Surrealism and was particularly influenced by the paintings of de Chirico.

During World War II he was again appointed official war artist, this time painting the devastating effects of war on rural England.


WW1 ‘Wounded’

This video is very powerful – about Paul Nash, the war and his art.

On this link you can view more of the art of Paul Nash.

‘Mule Track’

Hot Jupiters

Did they go…. or did they not go…. That’s the question!

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Y5 are busy planning their Persuasive writing on the Moon Landing. The question is: did they go to the moon? Yes? No? That’s the question! They have collected facts and information from various sources. What do you think? Did they really go to the moon? Hmmm…. Click on THIS LINK to look at more photos about ‘shadows all over the place’. Here is another link for your browser. See the ‘Space’ section on the side bar for more ‘moon landing’ links.

Follow THIS LINK to read about corner reflectors on the moon. These reflectors have been left on the moon for NASA to use to record the distance of the moon. Do you think these reflectors have been left by Neil Armstrong and his team? – or by an unmanned spacecraft? [hmmmm….more to think about]

Birthday boy!

Today it’s Krish’s Birthday! Happy Birthday to you Krish! We hope it will be a GREAT day today! Enjoy the video.

Super Full Moon



Super Full Moon – Sunday 23rd June 12:33 pm  The moon may seem bigger and brighter.

Typical Effects of the Moon The moon is Earth’s only natural satellite that is in a synchronous rotation with the Earth. When viewed from Earth, you can only see one side of the Moon no matter what time it is due to the moon’s rotation and orbit around the Earth. The moon spins at about the same speed and direction as it orbits around the Earth which causes the same side to always be facing the Earth. It is the second brightest object in the sky after the Sun due to its soil’s reflective properties.

The tides on Earth are mostly generated by the intensity of the Moon’s gravitational pull from one side of the Earth to the other. The moon’s gravity can cause small ebbs and flows in the continents called land tides or solid Earth tides. These are greatest during the full and new moons because the sun and moon are aligned on the same or opposite sides of the Earth. Resource: Timeanddate.com




These images from NASA are ‘Nebulae’ [singular=Nebula] and NASA use their space telescopes, with colour filters, to show us what space is really like – all the gases we can’t really see as space is [like we know] just black/dark.

On THIS SITE you can see an image per day [from space] – there are tiny arrows [<>] to look at images from previous days. Some of them are animations – like clips – take time and visit the link, it’s beautiful.

WW2 Artist

Oxford during WW2 – as seen by the artist: Paul Nash

In the coming week, we will be looking at our WW2 Artist: PAUL NASH. We are going to use pastels to create our own WW2 art, in the style of Paul Nash. On the link you can see more of his great art.

Best Friends



Best friends? Who are your friends? Are you going to try and make some new friends as well?

Fathers Day




Wow! I won the lottery! 
Oh, I don’t know about that.
Hey! you shouldn’t have done that.
Ouch! My back hurts.
Oops! Sorry.
EISH! I hope all of Y5 will be doing their homework over the weekend!


Hubble Webb and SALT Space Telescopes


We know space is just ‘dark’ – or ‘black‘ – but Nasa’s Space Telescope: Hubble makes everything coming ‘alive‘ with their colour filters. Follow the link of Hubble and enjoy the wonderful world of our solar system. Hubble is going to retire in a few years time and will get replaced by a new space telescope called: WEBB Telescope. On THIS LINK  you can read everything about Hubble, the Hubble-team, etc. On this next link you can play around with Hubble’s filters to see how NASA use it to ‘enhance‘ the photos for us.

On this link HERE you can read about the amazing new WEBB Telescope…


On THIS LINK you can play around with buttons to see how the colours affect the images. Don’t forget to click on the menu list in the far left as well.


Have you heard about SALT? SALT = Southern Africa Large Telescope – this telescope is in South Africa and is the largest space telescope in the Southern Hemisphere. 


Abigail Harrison
In this next video, you can see Astronaut Luca [from Italy] where he left the Quarantine Departure to get ready for going to the International Space Station [ISS]. On our class twitter account [@Y5Class] we follow @Astro_luca and also a lovely 15 year old girl – @AstronautAbb – Abigail’s dream is to go to Mars in 2030! She’s a great inspiration with what she’s currently doing. Here’s her website: http://astronautabby.com/ copy and paste it in your browser.

A photo taken by Astro_Luca from Space! This is a river bed – in the area of Peru [South America]
Towering clouds – by Astro_Luca from the International Space Station
An active volcano! by Astro_Luca from the International Space Station! [taken from Space!]



Quick Facts:

  • Founded:1878
  • Home Ground (Capacity):Old Trafford (76,212)
  • Nickname:The Red Devils
  • Home Colors:Red and White
  • Top Goalscorer All-Time:Bobby Charlton
  • UEFA Super Cup:(1) 1991
  • Intercontinental Cup:(1) 1999
  • FIFA Club World Cup: (1) 2008

The Man Utd SQUAD:

1 De Gea  ·2 Rafael · 3 Evra  ·4 Jones  ·5 Ferdinand  ·6 Evans  ·7 Valencia   ·8 Anderson  ·10 Rooney  ·11 Giggs ·12 Smalling ·13 Lindegaard ·14 Hernández ·15 Vidić (c) ·16 Carrick ·17 Nani ·18 Young ·19 Welbeck ·20 Van Persie ·21 Henríquez ·22 Scholes ·23 Cleverley ·24 Fletcher ·25 Powell ·26 Kagawa ·27 Macheda ·28 Büttner ·33 Bébé ·

By: Amrit

Bletchley Park



The Queen visited Bletchley Park – you can see her at the Alan Turing exhibition


Churchill – in the Churchill Collection. Later on in his life he painted and you can see some of his paintings in the corner section.

Churchill said: A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty and also said: “The price of greatness is responsibility.”


Daily Life section – during WW2, thousands of people worked at Bletchley Park and many lived on the premises in cottages. In this section you can see how they used to live at Bletchley Park.


SONY DSCChurchill had some little teddy bears and when he removed a book [one from many he had] from the shelf, he left a teddy bear in its place to know where the book was removed.


The bomber plane in the Churchill Collection


And….soldiers we want to be! RAF here we come…!


Read about this goose….



In the RAF Post Office museum: ‘Ooooooh, this is so coooool….’ 


Hello! We are at the RAF Post Office museum – come and find us!


Reading is so important! The words are all around you…it travels…out of the window!


Look Mum, me Tarzan!


Some of us tried a ‘posh‘ pose. We pretended we were rich and stuck-up people on an expensive holiday trip!

D-Day – Normandy


Today is D-Day – 6th June 1944
Read on Wikipedia about the D-Day landings in Normandy. On THIS LINK of British Pathe you can watch a 10 min video.


Gimp software – free


Gimp is a graphic software package and we’ve been using it to create our own reading posters to promote reading in the school. It’s a fantastic piece of FREE software to have at home to play around and you can go really wild with Gimp! On the screenshot I’ve highlighted for you where to click on the site to download it to your computer – of course with the permission of your mum or dad – as always!  Download GIMP here from this link. Have fun and come and show off what you do at home – like some of you did with Paint.Net.

Pajama day



Y5! Don’t forget: Next week is reading week and on Monday it’s Pajama-day for KS2! If you have a favourite book of your own, please bring it to school as well.

Solar Wind


Have you heard about a  Solar Wind? Read on the link of the BBC more about it. On THIS LINK you can watch a video about the ‘deadly‘ solar wind.


This LINK is a GREAT link to visit, loaded with fun and interesting space-facts/fun.
Read about the FIRST  British Astronaut – now in further training to be in Space by 2015.

Special Sunset today!

Please visit THIS LINK to read lots of interesting facts about our solar system.[our Science topic after half term]

Birthdays galore!

We’ve had a few birthdays and there’s one coming up next week! Manjot’s birthday was today, Simran’s on Friday and next week it’s Kuljit’s birthday. Happy Birtday to you all! We hope your birthday this year is the best birthday ever! Enjoy the video!








We had another ‘different‘ Numeracy lesson today. This time we had to make 3D shapes by using straws. We discovered that some of us are really good at knowing the properties of 3D-shapes and others had to think more carefully about the properties of these shapes. By looking at these photos, you can see the concentration on some of our faces, whilst thinking about the shape we were making!

WW2 Bombers


Photos: Telegraph.co.uk

Y5’s, you asked me a lot of questions about the Bomber-aircraft. On the next photo I’ve tried my best to explain where the gunners, pilot and bombers’ positions were. The gunners protected the Bomber plane from the enemy planes. The bombers were inside the Bomber aircraft and they took commands from the Pilot, as to when to drop the bombs. With the Bomber aircraft, you also had the Spitfires and they protected the Bomber plane from the enemy planes as well. You can imagine what a great loss it was if a Bomber aircraft got shot down by the enemy.

Well done to you all again, your Assembly was BRILLIANT and you all can be very proud of you. I guess your Parents feel very proud of you as well! Please thank your Parents for coming, it was great to see so many Parents attending an Assembly. Parents can also read the Parents Page for an updated note.  Some of our Teachers thought it was the BEST EVER Assembly! Other Teachers comments: Powerful, Moving, Brilliant. [wow wow wow wow!] There is a note on the Chat page for you all to read.


Bomber aircraft

Leaves Flowers Stems Roots and…


We have more plant-experiments! We are curious to know what parts of a plant can grow. In our picture [above] we have the leave and part of the stem of a geranium. What do you think? In the next picture you can already see some tiny roots that have developed on the stem of the Rosemary, which is a herb.


Ant-power = SuperAnt!

Imagine… if an ant can do this…. what about YOU?! You have the power inside of you, follow it.

Life Cycles – animal behaviour

Y5 – enjoy the…. dung beetle!

The Allies

Flags of the WW2 Allies – countries that fought against Hitler – the Axis-countries. See our WW2 page for more information.



This is Harnoor’s creation with Paint.net. See this picture also uploaded by her on the chat-page.

Metaphors and similes


Y5’s have been working on their own similes and metaphors. Can you recognise a metaphor or a simile from their writing?

Gursimran: She is a golden star, glowing on deep, dark nights. Her smooth hair is dropping waves of the sea. Her face is the soft layers of warm, comfy blankets. Her voice is like a melody, born from the goddess of Venus. 

Kiran: She is a ball of glimmering sunshine, brightening up our way. Her hair tumbles, flows and drifts in the wind. His laughter is a gentle sparkling melody, as fresh as a breeze in the early morning. 

Ruben: His hair is the mountains of the landscape, visible everywhere.

Harnoor: The blank page is a gallery of imagination, dancing in the empty landscape

WW2 Today

Summary of dates about WW2 end:
* May 5th 1945: The German army surrenders partially in the Netherlands
* May 7th 1945: The German army surrenders totally at Eisenhower’s headquarters in the German city of Reims
* May 8th 1945: The German army surrenders again to the Soviets in their headquarters at Berlin-Karlshorst

WW2 End – VE Days -The treaty was formally signed on May 8th 1945 and repeated again on the 9th at the Soviet headquarters in Berlin-Karlshorst. Due to delays the signing in Berlin took place very shortly after midnight. This is generally considered the end of WW2, though hostilities continued in the Pacific theatre until September 2nd 1945 when the Japanese surrendered in Tokyo Bay aboard the US ship Missouri.

Thus May 8th 1945 is known as VE Day (Victory in Europe Day), marking the WW2 end in Europe. Likewise in the Soviet Union and its satellite states, VE Day is celebrated on the 9th. It is noteworthy that in Holland, another day (May 5th) is celebrated as Liberation Day. The beginning of the WW2 end came with the capitulation of the German army on May 5th. The end of hostilities in Japan is known as VJ Day (Victory in Japan Day). The entire war began in 1939 and ended in 1945, lasting more than 5 ½ years, or 68 months.

Source: www.2-world-war.com

Out and About



What did you do today? This is where I was earlier this afternoon. Out in nature for a walk. Look at these photos. Why not sharing your photos of places you go over weekends?

Look at the root system of these trees. Roots can also help with the prevention of soil erosion by keeping the soil together in heavy rains and floods. On the next photo you can see a fallen tree, which will also help with the prevention of soil erosion. 



A resting place?



A hiding place for?

Ants – update: The females do all the work!

Our Ants have moved into their Antarium – finally. We like to watch them – peacefully and quietly – during break or lunch time. We’ve also received some ‘instructions‘ with the Ants on how to look after them. Ants don’t like bright lights, so we do cover them during the day, when we are not observing them. They have now settled and you can clearly see how they’ve made a start burrowing their way through the sand. They are still a bit ‘shy’ and we do like to know more about Ants! Our Ants will visit the Nursery classes the coming week and their Teacher is already very excited about the idea. We have more Teachers interested to have the Ants with them, so we will need to start drawing up a ‘journey planner‘ for our Ants.


Many think that ants only use their antennas for touch, as they do use them for feeling they also use them for smelling. When an ant eats their food, it goes to one of two stomachs. They have a stomach for storing their own food and then another for storing food for other ants in their colony. Ants don’t, however, eat food like we do because they are unable to swallow solids. Instead they squeeze the juice from their food, whether it is a seed, plant, or another insect.


 Ants – life cycle – image:askabiologist.asu.edu
An ant’s life begins as an egg. Ant eggs are soft, oval, and tiny – about the size of a period at the end of a sentence. Not all eggs are destined to become adults – some are eaten by nest mates for extra nourishment. 
An egg hatches into a worm-shaped larva with no eyes or legs. Larvae are eating machines that rely on adults to provide a constant supply of food. As a result, they grow rapidly, molting between sizes.
When a larva is large enough, it metamorphoses into a pupa. This is a stage of rest and reorganization. Pupae look more like adults, but their legs and antennae are folded against their bodies. They start out whitish and gradually become darker. The pupae of some species spin a cocoon for protection, while others remain uncovered, or naked.
Finally, the pupa emerges as an adult. Young adults are often lighter in color, but darken as they age. The process of development from egg to adult can take from several weeks to months, depending on the species and the environment. Did you know that ants, like all insects, are full-grown when they become adults? Their exoskeletons prevent them from getting any larger.
Furthermore, adult ants belong to one of three castes: queen, worker, or male.
Queens are females that were fed more as larvae. They are larger than workers and lay all the eggs in a colony – up to millions in some species! Queens initially have wings and fly to find a mate(s), but they tear them off before starting a new colony. A queen can live for decades under the right conditions.
Workers are females that were fed less as larvae. They do not reproduce, but perform other jobs, such as taking care of the brood, building and cleaning the nest, and gathering food. Workers are wingless and typically survive for several months.
Males have wings and fly to mate with queens. They live for only a few weeks and never help with the chores of the colony.When you come across an ant on the ground, it’s almost always a worker ant. Workers are adult females that don’t reproduce, but perform all the other jobs needed to keep an ant colony alive and healthy. In case you are wondering, there are no male workers in ant colonies.
Source: askabiologist.asu.edu
Please click HERE to read more about Ants – and their bodies.




It was again time to choose ‘pink’ posh, shiny and glittery celebrities in our class. It’s been weeks since we’ve chosen a couple and today we have a new bunch of celebrities. Unfortunately, we can not choose everyone in the class, – there are definitely many more -therefore, we try to choose our friends that haven’t been chosen before and  friends who really deserve to be one. Drum roll…. here are our celebrities: [deep breath and a pause with more drum roll…] Harshaan, JiovanniJeevanHarveenD, Anaya, Komal, Kiran and Harnoor. Well done, everyone, you got selected by your class friends for reasons such as: Improved behaviour, helping friends, team work, shared of fantastic and wow-writing, caring about others, great insight in other’s ‘problems’, independent work, creativity etc. Harveen D wowed us all with hard and independent work the previous week and this week with a fantastic own first stanza to the Highwayman poem. We all worked on writing our own stanzas and a diary entry, so please watch out for our fantastic work ‘coming soon’!

Lovely heart



Just look at this beautiful heart made by Priya! Thank you Priya for sharing your beautiful and lovely sewing skills. I hope we’re going to see more handmade things on our blog from other class friends as well. I can see how thoughtfully you’ve been in selecting your designs to match the colour of your heart. I love the decorations you used and you made sure your stuffing was not going to come out. Well done!

At home

Navkiran – collage and Navkiran has also applied an effect to one of her images. Can you spot the image with the ink effect?




Well done to Jatinder and Navkiran – they’ve downloaded Paint.Net and created these collages at home. This shows how they applied their skills, what they’ve learned in school, at home independently! This is wonderful!

Collage and effects – digital editing

Aviraj.b ww2

 AvirajB – collage


Hi everyone! In Y5 we’ve been having fun this past week! We’ve been learning how to use a graphics software package, called Paint.Net and we all think this software is really cool! On the link you will find instructions on how to download this wonderful piece of free software. We’ve been learning about the ‘effects’ tool and the ‘cutting’ tool – [lasso select]. We first saved our background image and then used other images and select the part of the image we want to add on to our background. With the ‘effects’ tool our task was to select one of three options. There are many more to apply to your image, but for a first activity, we focused on the oil, ink and pencil effect. More collages will get published soon.

We have been looking at certain events throughout the war, here are a few dates on our timeline. Are there any more dates you can remember? – original image: BBC

Gursimran – pencil effect


 Avneet – oil effect


Gurjoth – pencil effect


 Jiovanni – pencil effect

harshaan ww2

 Harshaan – oil effect


 HarveenD – pencil effect


 Jiovanni – collage and effects


 Jeevan – ink effect


 Kiran – oil effect

ww2 effects jatinder_March1945Life

 Jatinder – collage and oil effect


Plants, plants, everywhere,
plants, plants, smaller than a bear.
plants, plants are a treat for nature,
plants, plants are better than a creature.
Waving, behaving,
gliding, riding,
sprouting, scouting,
growing, bowing,
spreading, shredding,
giving, living,
rising, disguising,
feeding, proceeding,
withering, slithering,
bending, surrending,
ending, lending,
performing, snoring,
sleeping, wheeping,
sliding, gliding…
Plants, plants, everywhere,
plants, plants, smaller than a bear.
plants, plants are a treat for nature,
plants, plants are better than a creature.

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