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    Our shared values in Y5: To care for myself and others by making sure we are all safe and happy. To be honest in all we do/say. We always work hard and try our best. We listen carefully and thoroughly. We make sure we are always giving our best, so everyone else can be the best that they can be. We look after our property.
    We like to be 'leaders' and not 'followers' We always choose the 'good' light inside of us. We make the right choices at the right time.

    Anyone can train hard for a short period. Winners give their best every hour of every day for months on end.

    In 5V we like to stop and think - before we do or speak.

    'Give children a thought and they’ll learn for a day. Teach them to think and they’ll learn for a lifetime.’David Hyerle
    If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.- William Arthur Ward
    You cannot write it, if you cannot say it; you cannot say it, if you haven't heard it. - Pie Corbett

    We love to share our way of thinking, it does help us in our learning!

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The Piano

Piano Keys2

In Y5 we have been studying a short film and we turned the visual images into narrative. Please enjoy some of the stories, more will get added over the next few days. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to edit and improve our stories. Some Y5’s are still busy writing, but please enjoy their stories, even though incomplete. The video is also in this entry.

The Piano
As the bright, scorching sun lightened the day, I was playing a soothing melody which was peaceful, yet calm. Since I was a young lad, I started playing the piano; my loving and caring mother encouraged me to play the piano. She solemnly sat in front of me, delicately grabbed my supple, bony hand with scrawny fingers. Her charming and attractive face disappeared slowly and in my mind, oh yes! I cannot forget the memories about Mum!

Such lovely times, since father died, we had together. I first thought life was a misery with gloomy thoughts, but mother filled my heart with great joy. Time passed and second by second, my heart felt lonesome ever since mum’s absence from my life.
Mary! Mary! My gorgeous, dazzling wife! As I entered a flamboyant restaurant, she sat there all smart and elegant. In a split second of an eye-catching moment, a shy lady came up to me. “Excuse me, may I sit here?” How could I say no! Charming and elegantly, she showed me how to dance, eventually I married her!

The War! A young, admirable soldier, constantly fighting against the Germans in my mind, a spark-thought appeared! ‘How will we defeat the Germans?’ Endless questions, questions without answers. As I cautiously stepped behind the wall, ear-piercing gun-shots painfully hurt my ears! Terrified, traumatized and heartbroken, my friend was DEAD! Can you believe it? My BEST friend died! How awfully hurtful! His spirit will remain forever in my soul.

Sorrowfully and solemnly, I continued spending my time and thoughts with myself. Fortunately, I still have one individual person in my life.
My loyal and supportive grandson, who supports me the entire journey at the moment. Cheerfully and merrily, I sat in front of the piano with him. I handed him my long-time gift, a hobby horse! How many times did I enjoy my time as a little boy on that same old horse! He firmly gave me a hug, knowing that I will be with him every single moment. Sitting together at the piano, I hope he will one day follow my footsteps in becoming a pianist. ++ ANAYA


WW2 Art – Keerat – in the style of Paul Nash


The Piano – Jasmine

Without looking back, petrified and frightened, I dashed across the muddy and dreadful trenches. Inside me, my heart beat a thousand beats, as I dashed across these murky trenches to get to safety!  A stream of sweat ran down my back; a trickle of blood swept across my arm.  It was a race against time, as I scurried and hurried across to the derelict brick wall, where I was safe. But, before I could reach it, I stopped dead in my tracks. Suddenly, everything became a blur to me. Around me, I could only hear a Nazi general crying out a command.

That was the day I met Evelyn. Her swirly auburn hair and her sea green eyes comforted me. At the hospital, there I was when I saw her. She was the one that taught me this piece I was playing. It reminded me of her, the way she would hum the tune merrily and cheerfully.

Then I stopped. I opened my eyes wide like huge glass beads, wider than an owl’s eyes. What had just happened? I had felt something on my cheeks. Could it be? Could it be my sweetheart?

“I love you Evelyn,” a trickle of salty water running down past my cheeks “and I will never, ever forget you.”

I carried on with the harmony, each tune I reminisced about more of what had happened during my life. Just then, the script of my life unraveled before my mind. That day, in Dunkirk. In the midst of war, guns firing rapidly across the deserted land. Me running, running through broken down buildings to my half-brother Thomas.

Remembering this moment gave me a mixed variety of emotions. Such sorrow, wishing he didn’t leave the wall after noticing an enemy, him dying before my eyes, tearing my heart in two. COULD I have saved him? I could not change the past but I could not forget about it as well.

At that moment, I remembered more even farther and farther into my grief-stricken past. In December, on Christmas that hobby horse I was given by mother and father. It was the first Christmas gift I was given, in a light blue box, and its soft velvety ribbon tied around it. As I was the only child, I was forever lonely. That hobby horse, tattered and worn out was given to my grandson, Robert. [to be continued]++ Jasmine



WW2 Art – Jiovanni – in the style of Paul Nash


The Piano –By Keerat

Have you ever felt that you long to be with your loved ones? Some say “Yes!” because they love them; others say “NO”, because they feel uncomfortable with them.

As the cold winds fluttered upon the orange-pink night sky, the shadows of the loved ones came to life and filled your desire with love.  Sitting all by himself, while paining in agony, the old friendly man, Novak, played his piano tunefully. The one, who he loved the most, came and drowned her tears in Novak’s black and sorrowful heart. Whilst playing piano, Novak was crying inside him, as he was remembering his divorced wife, who he loved very much. Playing the grand piano, Novak felt the spirit of his divorced wife, putting her blood-red looking lips on the wrinkled old face of Novak. As Novak stared around in the dusty room, the one he loved the most disappeared into thin dust, like moondrops on a flower!

When the depressed man remembered fighting in Afghanistan, a small tear dropped on the fragile and old piano.  As Novak remembered the bombs, which flew into the buildings in all directions, he remembered his best friend, who died in his lap! Novak loved Andy; he loved him like a brother and he said he would never forgive the person who killed him. Soon his thoughts about the war and all his friends, turned into thin dust!

Sitting quietly in the ghostly room, the wrinkled old man remembered his past life as a young boy, playing with his brown hobby horse. Feeling sorrowful, he remembered the good times and the bad times. As the old man played the piano, a lonely tear appeared, as he kept on remembering the best and sad parts of his life. When his clever grandson came around, he gave him his frail and old hobby horse in a beautifully wrapped box with a blue ribbon to undo. The moment he saw it, his eyes lit up, as he loved horses so much. After continually playing with his hobby horse, he gently put it on the floor and sat down with his grandpa. Making a great team, as they played a relaxing melody, their thoughts met and they shared a happy moment. ++ Keerat


WW2 Art – Simranjit B – in the style of Paul Nash


THE PIANO – Kuljit

 When the sky parted, with a terrible roar, the dark, gloomy room was filled tranquility and peace, when the gentle touch of bony fingers on the delicate keys echoed across the spacious attic. An old man focused on the melodious melody until his wife, Mary, who was a ghost-like image, joined in with this calm and peaceful melody.  Her hair was crests of bubbles on oil. 

As the clouds  and lightning rumbled and grumbled, death passed by, whilst the old man dashed through the war-torn battlefield, hearing the cries of the enemy! Secretly and suspiciously, the old man crouched behind the wall; a stream of sweat ran like a river down his back. As he gave a signal to his best friend, Jack to shoot, unfortunately a bomb blasted his best friend down. His last words were, “Never give up!” All the time he believed in himself, carry on doing what was needed.

Lonely and depressed, his racing heart pumped faster and faster, as he played the calm tune, whilst retrieving his thoughts about his one and only grandson, Tommy, who had straggly hair with a pale face and red cheeks. [to be continued] ++Kuljit


The Piano- Harsh

The heavy door opened with an ear-splitting squeak, as I entered the empty, dark and gloomy room. Each corner of the place was sheltered with the smelt of dust! Hearing my footsteps echoing, whilst walking towards my comfy chair, filled me with ecstasy and I sat down playing the first note…

“TING!” Vigilantly, fully aware of the emptiness of the room, I started playing the piano, it was the tune that my wife taught me in the past. It was mind-boggling! I still remembered it, it feels like yesterday when I learnt it. Still such a virtuous, exemplary tune filled me with joy and excitement. As I endlessly played this sweet melody from the past, a kiss of peace was  placed on my pale cheek. The blessed, devout spirit, of my considerate, soft-hearted, wife!

“BOOM” the sounds of bullets cracking my eardrums, I ran towards the war-torn trenches, ducking down to save myself, however my muscular, gracious teammate followed the sign and had made an effort to shoot, however, he suddenly and sadly died in front of my eyes! It had got the life out of me! I was alone…

I saw myself as a young son, running around like the earth spinning around the sun. My eyes got filled with smiles! What a pleasant feeling. Greeting my grandson with a gift I, stepped forward to him, he had no idea what was wrapped inside the large box. Cautiously, he opened the gift and with a curious and eager face, he found it was hobby horse! Soon he started to ride it, feeling more blissful than last time, but finally he sat down on the comfy chair with me joining in with the tune I was playing, sharing some thoughts about the future.  ++ Harsh 

The Piano- Shivam

There Harry sat; lonely and broken-hearted, wishing the past came back. Did he do something wrong? Is that why he’s there on his own? As he played on the piano a soft beautiful tune, Harry thought about the past and who he was then and now. Throughout that moment, his wife came and started with her fingers, gliding across the black and white keys of the piano, as she played the tune slowly and thoughtfully.  Empty and dusted air got replaced by soft and soothing sounds. Gently and carefully, he removed his hand so Jenny could enjoy playing the melodious, but sad tune. As Harry removed his hand, a shiny, golden ring, wrapped around his pale, bony finger – like magic – instantly carried his thoughts away. What was it?

Jenny concentrated on the grand piano, as it was her life being a pianist. There she sat, leaving Harry to rest, then after that charming moment with a touch of magic, Harry took advantage again, as the soul of Jenny passed and made way for Harry to move on. It was a deadly war where he fought as a soldier. Bombs and gunshots, he heard it at this precious moment, he ran at full speed with his shocking gun and gave a signal to his friend, Sed, who was the captain of the Vicious Warriors. Sed turned around and got ready to shoot, but in an instant, the next bullet had already struck him, in the heart! There he laid, while blood dripping and flowing, passing on a memory to Harry. Harry held him as tight as he could, try to let all brave tears out. Sitting there asking himself, “Why did this happen?”

Harry was about to stop playing, then suddenly a peaceful thought flashed through his mind. His blissful childhood! His most fascinating day was when his kind father gave him his wooden toy horse and the favourite feeling in his heart became a gifted moment for both of them. Harry would ride his beloved horse nearly every day, because he it was such a precious gift, like this moment was for both of them. His horse was a memory of how much love he showed to his grateful father. Was his life happy? [to be continued] ++ Shivam


The Piano – Komal

Cheerful and relaxed, wrinkled and bony old hands peacefully played the grand piano in the quiet and dark room. As he slowly touched the keys of the piano, his memories caused a whirl and a twirl in his mind and then the spirit of his beloved wife that passed away years ago, visit him whilst playing the piano. As her spirit disappeared peacefully and undisturbed, the old man calmly slowed down his play on the black and white keys. Jack was now lonely, lonely, without any support, for the rest of his life…

When the spirit of his old wife disappeared, the friendly old man’s thoughts dashed off to the occupied battlefields during War time! Frightened and worried, but brave as he could, he fought for his country.  Whilst groups of soldiers shot in directions, an innocent friend died!  Jack tried to help him, but sadly without luck. Unfortunately, Jack’s friend had died instantly, like his beloved wife. He felt abandoned like a deer without his mother.                                   

As Jack remembered his childhood, millions of thoughts flashed through his mind, but one single thought stood out. When he got his first hobby horse, which he wanted from the age of 2m he was filled with excitement. Then he remembered himself playing around joyfully.

After a few moments, Jack remembered his own grandson! It was him on the hobby horse now. Together they sat and shared a smile. [to be continued] ++Komal


WW2 Art – Jeevan – in the style of Paul Nash

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