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    Our shared values in Y5: To care for myself and others by making sure we are all safe and happy. To be honest in all we do/say. We always work hard and try our best. We listen carefully and thoroughly. We make sure we are always giving our best, so everyone else can be the best that they can be. We look after our property.
    We like to be 'leaders' and not 'followers' We always choose the 'good' light inside of us. We make the right choices at the right time.

    Anyone can train hard for a short period. Winners give their best every hour of every day for months on end.

    In 5V we like to stop and think - before we do or speak.

    'Give children a thought and they’ll learn for a day. Teach them to think and they’ll learn for a lifetime.’David Hyerle
    If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.- William Arthur Ward
    You cannot write it, if you cannot say it; you cannot say it, if you haven't heard it. - Pie Corbett

    We love to share our way of thinking, it does help us in our learning!

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    Rivers- Geography Topic
    The Titanic - 2012 - 100 years!

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    Queen Victoria: Reigned: 1837-1901 [63 years and 7 months]


Remember the following:

Edited images – original from tpet

Do not use SAID, instead use:



Please click HERE to play some noun games on the site of: The Children’s University! Have fun!

Zindzi – Project

We are taking part in the Travelling Rhino Project to raise awareness about the poaching of rhinos! Here is Zindzi – waiting to visit our school in September. Here is also an easy pattern for you to make your own – click the image for a  larger view, then print off the image – it is the size of Zindzi. Remember when cutting your pattern, to leave a space of about 1cm as a seam line. Remember what we said about a seam line, when we started our slippers? Enjoy making your rhino and please, bring it to school. – if you don’t have fabric, why not making it from paper/card? Remember you need to cut TWO of the pattern, if you are going to make a stuffed rhino like Zindzi. For a tail you can sew anything ‘thin’ – like ribbon – on it. The tail is not very long in comparison with the size of the body of the rhino. 



homework July


Homework Tuesday 16th July 2013 – last week for homework!

Literacy: Write everything about the Trebuchet project – add some diagrams [drawings] as well. Remember your time connectives: first, then, after, later on, later, later the morning, after lunch, after break, before, before lunch, before home time, etc etc. Make it interesting, add quotes of your friends – what they said while you were busy with the project, or quotes of friends at the end, etc.

Spelling: see your sheet with the list

Reading: Signatures of Mum/Dad

Library book: Last week, please return all library books this week!


HOMEWORK – TUESDAY 2nd July 2013

Literacy: Watch the following video: The Beauty of Life. Draw three columns: What I see happens| What I think happened| Questions [Like we did in class with ‘The Piano’] Write your ideas in the columns. 



The Beauty of Life

Numeracy: Data Handling – SATS-type of questions – please ask Mum/Dad to mark your work this time. Teachers will ‘check’.

Spelling – new list for the next 3 weeks





Watch the following video. There’s no words to the story – you need to put your own words to the story. Write a short story. Remember: setting/characters [what are they like – describe them – what are they doing, where are they [why?], who/what/where/when/why] events etc. Also, don’t forget about your connectives when writing a sentence. [Alan Peat sentences, remember!] Good luck! Try your best to write a brilliant/interesting story! Make you reader ‘want’ to read on. Interest your reader! Paste the link into your browser.
You can also use this link for your story:

Spelling: See the spelling page- Week 11
Numeracy: Data handling – two sets of data on a graph.



LITERACY: Persuasive Writing: You need to write a letter to your teacher to persuade her to allow you an EXTRA 5 min play PER DAY. Think about GOOD reasons to persuade me! Back your argument up with: A FOREST = Alliteration, Facts, [you can make up, but try to make them believable!] Opinion Rhetorical question, Emotive language, Statistics, Rule of THREE. [say something three times – different words, remember] See the PERSUASIVE WRITING-PAGE to help you as well. There’s some video clips to watch and other great information. Try no more than 3 reasons [3 paragraphs] Each reason a new paragraph. 

NUMERACY: Ratio and Proportion – sheet with 7 questions.

Spelling: Week 10 –  See your spelling sheet with all the spellings of the term – OR the Spelling Page.

REMINDER: WW2 PROJECT – 2 weeks left for the tasks.  Another reminder: French Theatre trip.


Literacy homework: – Due Tuesday 11th June 2013

Trip: Write about your trip at Bletchley Park. The best pieces [2-3 best] of writing will get included in our ‘Thank you’ feedback to Bletchley Park. You can choose to do it in the style of a newspaper report OR a recount.

+ Newspaper report [remember quotes of friends/adults about the trip]

+ Recount [same as our Victorian recount – writing up of what happened- chronological order]

Remember: who/what/when/where/why/how – answers to this to make sure you’ve included everything. Also: compound/complex sentences, interesting sentence starters, Connectives:  Although, Even if, Soon after, Later…, During…., Meanwhile, If, When, Whereas, Instead of, Whenever, etc ADVERBS: quietly, suddenly, immediately, strangely, fortunately, etc.

Soon after we….. Later the morning, just after…. During our session in the Churchill collection,…… Only when I realised…. Some other children in our group…. Etc. etc. make your writing as interesting as possible for the reader to read. Here is a Wikipedia link about Bletchley Park:


WW2 Project: Deadline date for all your tasks: Friday 21st June 2013.

Spellings week 9 – see the SPELLING PAGE for Summer Term- if you have lost your sheet with the whole term’s words on it.


HOMEWORK DUE: Tuesday 4th June 2013

Literacy: Due to our Food Awareness week the past week, we would like you to cook a HEALTHY meal with an adult and to write down the recipe in your book. If possible, take a photo of your meal – even better if YOU are on the photo as well – and stick it in your book with the recipe.

Numeracy: Shapes – little sheet from MOT.

Spellings – Week 8 – see the SPELLING PAGE: words starting with Television.

WW2 Project: Deadline date for all your tasks: Friday 21st June 2013.

TRIP: Friday 7th June, don’t forget to pay online. Don’t forget your permission slip and Medical form.

Reading Week: Don’t forget it is Pajama Day on Monday 3rd June for KS2! You dress up with pajamas to school, but if you feel tooooo uncomfortable to come to school dressed up in your Pajamas, feel free to come to school in your uniform, bring your pajamas in a bag and you can change at school.






Spelling Summer Week 1: mansion, explosion, occasion, conclusion, division, extension, confusion, decision, collision, television, vision, invasion, expansion, revision, exclusion, inclusion, corrosion[decay/rust], erosion, collision[crash/accident]





Here is the WW2-Project [PDF]- please download it and save it on your computer. Read carefully what to do. It’s great fun. You have 5-6 weeks to complete it. More to discuss in class this week.

Spelling Summer Week 1: mansion, explosion, occasion, conclusion, division, extension, confusion, decision, collision, television, vision, invasion, expansion, revision, exclusion, inclusion, corrosion[decay/rust], erosion, collision[crash/accident]

Spelling Summer Week2: dilution [strength], pollution, contribution, distribution[sharing/allocation][e.g. distribution of electricity/power], expedition, addition, repetition, position, condition, competition, lotion, potion, promotion, devotion[loyalty], completion, deletion, solution, notion [idea/perception/opinion], motion, substitution

Spelling Summer Week 3: Unstressed vowels: jewellery, explanatory, voluntary, dictionary, factory, literacy, library, definitely, miserable, literature, interested, desperate, generous, marvellous, Wednesday, familiar, primary, carpet, animal, messenger

Spelling Summer Week 4more unstressed vowels:  generally, interest, poisonous, secretary, separate, business, boundary, difference, original, company, different, centre, frightening, general, offering, family, formal, doctor, extra, category

Summer week 5

Summer week 6

Summer week 7

Summer week 8


Summer week 9

Summer week 10

Summer week 11


HOMEWORK: Easter Holiday

Numeracy Mrs V’s group:  Visit the Numeracy links on the class blog – the interactive section as well – go through all the links AND the Numeracy page. Log on to Mathletics every day, practise your Numeracy skills. [a piece of paper with 5-10 sums is not enough, you need to practise every day throughout the holiday. Interactive practise is better than a piece of paper, just to make your parents happy]

Literacy: Visit a museum OR another similar PLACE OF INTEREST – or any other place. [if you can]. Draw something or take photos and stick them into your book. Write about 3/4 of a page about your visit. Remember: It is a Recount you do. Remember the following: Who/What/When/Where, etc. [like the Victorian Day-writing]. Time connectives, Interesting sentence starters, adverbs, adjectives,etc etc etc etc…. level 4C/4B-writing, please! If you know that you won’t be  going to any place and can’t visit a museum, you can do the following:
– Keep a diary-entry about your holiday [Thank you, Jeevan for the bright idea] or write about your holiday – like a recount. 

ENJOY your holiday! See the WW2-page  and you will find a WW2 section on the the side bar to help you with the following WW2 Project.

Here is the WW2-Project  I promised to save. You can download it and save it on your computer. Read carefully what to do. It’s great fun. You have 5-6 weeks to complete it.



Homework Due: Tuesday 26th March 2013

Literacy: Please click HERE to access the river task on Purple Mash.


Literacy: Log on to Purple Mash – see the link – and complete the leaflet on River Features, save it on your account. If you can’t log on, you can do it in your book by writing down the features, a short definition and a drawing about the feature. On Purple Mash there are images, you need to click in the big box and then on ‘photo’ to get access to the image, select the image you want save your work at the end. You can take a print screen image too and save it in Word.


This image shows you where to click to save your work on Purple Mash.

Spelling: [sentences]

reflection, correction, direction, distraction, fiction, fraction, collection,

 infection, attention, creation, emotion, session, impression, depression,

 passion, progression, profession, discussion, permission, admission 


Click HERE for the Mental Maths test.

2 Stories On the link you will find two stories. Read the two stories, write a letter to either Fatima OR Roukayatou and tell them about your life in the UK and how you feel about their life. In your writing I will be looking for: interesting sentence starters, clauses [use your Y5 connectives], powerful verbs, adverbs, adjectives [ambitious words] and your ‘perfect punctuation!’ 

Purplemash: Please click HERE to do an activity, especially for Mr L. Your results [as an image] can be sent to our classblog email:ictclub2012{at}gmail.com, or you can take a print screen and save it as an image, then print it off and bring it to school.
Spelling: Week 9 from THIS link




REMINDER: Recycled materials for our musical instruments – boxes/tubes/unused plastic containers with lids, tins, etc. Dry beans, rice, dry peas, etc. if you want to make a rain stick or shaker. For a rain stick you need dry beans – to have a good sound, rice is too small. [thin]

Literacy: Direct and Indirect speech. You got a sheet with sentences to change. You also have a page from the story of the two grandpa’s – for extra writing – use the sentences in Direct speech from the sheet [those with speech marks] and turn them into INDIRECT speech [without speech marks.]

Sentences 1-3: Add the necessary speech marks and punctuation. Then copy the sentence and afterwards, rewrite it in the indirect form.[reported speech] Here is an example:

1a) “Look Mum! There’s a lion in the car park!” shouted the girl anxiously.

1b) The girl shouted anxiously at her mum to look at the lion in the car park.

(1) I am dressed corrected Grandpa Chatterji (2) why don’t you leave the cooking to me (3) don’t blame me if the meal is ruined and Grandpa Leiscester never comes again   (4) “I’ll do it!” shouted Neetu eagerly. (5) “You’re early. We weren’t expecting you so soon!” said Dad. (6) “Ma,” whispered Neetu fearfully, “what will Grandpa Leicester do to Grandpa Chatterji?”(7) “When you’re finished digesting and meditating, will you take us for a ride in your new Jaguar?” whispered Sanjay tentatively.

Numeracy: Area of shapes [5V Numeracy-group]

 Spelling: You have received a little sheet with spellings, but if you’ve lost yours, look at these words here: Week 8 from THIS link. Please slide down to week 8. homophones: rain, reign, rein, by, buy, bye, road, rode, rowed, you, yew, ewe, main, mane, heard, herd, piece, peace, waste, waist


Spelling Week 7: Click HERE and slide down to week 7.




Literacy homework: Zimbabwe Fact File – see the link on the sidebar of the class blog in the Geography section: our-africa.org/zimbabwe

Choose any topic[s] and write a fact file on Zimbabwe [about 15-20 GOOD facts. [interesting facts] – you can be as creative as you wish! That means, go ape! and show your creativity in displaying your work in your homework book. [see the ‘Learning Log’-video on the class blog in a recent entry for ideas] You can draw and label pictures too.

If you can’t access the Internet for the above homework: Then the following is your homework: Use the Y5 connectives, e.g. however, although, whilst, since, even though, in addition, so, whenever, when, if [you are banned from using ‘as’ this time]

Improve these sentences to the level of a 3A – 4B

1. The girls are laughing outside the door.

2. There were three men walking down the road.

3. The man is looking at the bird in the garden.

4. A lady was wearing a nice [replace this word as well. Nice is not nice!] dress.

5. All the trees are growing.

6. The boys are playing and the girls are singing.

7. Five girls were reading books.

8. The dog is barking.

9. I am writing a story.

10. There are plenty of books in the library.





Homework due: Tuesday 26th February 2013 – After half term

Spelling: From our link – Week 6 – ough words to almost everyone and oo-words to some of you. [Browne’s group]
Spelling: Click HERE and slide down to week 6.

Numeracy: 5CVR-group: Data Handling. Choose your topic to do an ‘investigation’ – like we did in class. Ask questions to collect data [e.g. on favourite colours/favourite foods/etc], draw your frequency table and then your graph. You choose your graph-type: Bar Chart/Bar line graph/Line graph/Pictograph. Then interpret your data: questions and answer them. The language we are looking for: most popular/least popular/mode/mean/median/difference/total/why/etc.

Literacy: Write two paragraphs. It can be two separate short stories in two paragraphs or ONE story, written in 2 paragraphs. Fact is: you need to have two paragraphs with about 10 lines per paragraph with words/phrases given to you. 

Extension:  Watch the video clip about ‘Learning Logs‘ on the main page – in a recent entry. You will see learning logs from a primary school from Reception-Y6. Why not looking at this link HERE and do a little extra work on rivers – our Geography topic. You can also look in the ‘river’-section of the sidebar of the blog for another link to look at. What about: pictures and writing? What about a poem on rivers or a poem on water! We are also going to create posters on saving water for the Water Charity. Why not creating a poster? Good luck!



TUESDAY 12th February 2013

Homework can be handed in on Wednesday – for the coming week.

Water Cycle link: Please click HERE to visit a link loaded with Water Cycle information. 

Spelling: Week 5 from our link here – remember to slide down to week 5 – see the image too, correct spelling-list for Wk 5 is now on the image too.

See the Science Page for more about the Water Cycle – and remember the three states of matter: solid/liquid/gas.


Circle/Square: NUMERACY shapes to have on the table: Square, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon, Decagon [10] and Dodecagon [12]


Pentagon/Hexagon: Rotations – rotate shapes: quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turn, full turn and record the original and new position of each shape. 





HOMEWORK due: Tuesday 5th February 2013

Numeracy: Translation/Reflection and properties of shapes

maths homework


Extension Numeracy: Draw all the triangles and write down all their properties
Click on THIS LINK to revise translations and reflections.
Spelling: Week 4 – on our spelling link – see last week’s homework section – the spelling link is there. Words: flight, freight, eight, height, weight, sprightly, knight, tight, slight, straight, thief, fierce, piece, pie, field, lie, fiesta, grieve, shield.

 Literacy: Draw your own legendary creature and brainstorm ADJECTIVES to describe your creature. Make a list your creature’s abilities too. – at least 3 strong abilities. Where is the ‘home’ of this creature, where does he LIKE to ‘hide’ or ‘stay’? Tell us more about your creature, what he likes/dislikes.



Tuesday 29th January 2012


 Add  subordinate clauses to complete the sentences below:

1. The girl,____________, was limping badly.

2. The thin man, __________, hastily gobbled up all of the food.

3. The old ship, ___________, sank deep into the Atlantic Ocean.

4. The woman, __________, put up her tired feet.

5. Tommy, ____________, had not tidied his room.


Robin Hood, ______________, lived in Sherwood Forest.

Robin Hood, who always helped the poor, lived in Sherwood Forest.

 The bird, ___________, was a lark.

The bird, who was singing beautifully in the trees, was a lark.


If you’ve lost your little sheet, you can do these for homework:

(1) 0.6 x 3        (2) 0.5×8   (3)  0.6×4   (4) 0.8 x 9    (5) 0.6×2   (6)   0.3 x 8   (7) 0.8 x 0.3   (8)  0.9 x 0.3  (9) 1.2 ÷6     (10) 2.8 ÷7   (11) 4.5 ÷9   (12) 2.7 ÷ 9

Spelling: Week 3 from our link here

score, scone, scale, cough, container, encourage, cabbage, escape, custard, cucumber, cupboard, cobweb, concerned, concentrate, cauliflower, counter, consider, compliment



Tuesday 22nd January 2013

 LITERACY: ZEUS is HIRING!  ZUES is ‘advertising’! He is looking for a HERO! Your task is to write a letter….read further…

Mount Olympus

Home of the gods


Dear Would-be heroes!

Zeus is looking for a new hero to complete the hardest, riskiest job that has ever been attempted.

Those who believe they are worthy of this deadly task, should apply in writing, stating why you should be the “Chosen One.”

Yours Powerfully


Literacy: Write a letter to Zeus, tell him why YOU must  be  the“Chosen-One”. You want to be the ‘hero’ he is looking for! Convince him you are the BEST to choose. Tell him WHY. Tell him of your previous experience, your abilities, your ‘tricks’, etc. Exaggerate  and be as creative as you can be!

Ideas to include in your letter – (1) You should pick me because……..(2) Surely, I’m the best hero for the job as……..(3) I could beat any monster with my………..(4) Everybody is scared of the way I can……..….(5) I can beat anything because…………(6) This task would easily suit me as………..…(7) With my amazing………….[abilities – mention what abilities/skills you have!] nothing can stop me. (8) Zeus would be silly to pick anyone else when I am so………….(9) Hard tasks are easy for me due to my………….

Spelling LINK for Term 2, we are now looking at week 2 for writing your sentences. Remember to use your Alan Peat sheet – stuck in the front cover of your homework book.

On THIS LINK you can find your spellings if you are in Browne’s Literacy group. Please look at week 2 spellings for next week’s sentences.

NUMERACY: Fractions/Decimals and Percentages. Log on to Mathletics too. You have a challenge to complete and you have 80 minutes to complete the challenge. The challenge has been scheduled for: between Friday evening and Sunday evening 8:20. Good luck!



Literacy: Story [Fable] Annotate the story by using colours [if you have colour pencils] – or your pencil/pen by:

+ finding: Interesting sentence starters + powerful verbs + adjectives + adverbs + connectives+ clauses. Use  your Spellings of the week in sentences and show how you can use the following connections: INSTEAD and DESPITE- and all your other connectives too. – 2 sentences with each connective – [instead and despite-at least]. Here’s some examples: Despite the rainy weather, we could still go on our trip planned to visit the War Museum. During the afternoon session, we all painted our tiles instead of having ICT.

Your other sentences must show: Interesting sentence starters, -ing opening, adverb opening [Please use your Alan Peat sheet in the front cover of your book]

DO NOT FORGET: To READ from your Stage book to Mum/Dad and to get your Reading Record book signed.

PE: For this half term: we have WEDNESDAYS Tag Rugby – please ensure your PE kit is in school on Wednesdays and Thursdays. [Thursdays = Basketball till 14th February 2013] If you have trainers, please bring it, instead of plimsolls.

If you have lost your sheet with your story, use this story to annotate:

The Lion with Bad Breath

The Lion was in a bad mood. That morning his wife, the Lioness, had told him that his breath smelled, and that perhaps he needed to do something about it. The Lion had pretended not to care, and had roared loudly and angrily just to show the Lioness who was king. Secretly though, he was worried.

So as soon as the Lioness left the den to go about her day’s work, the Lion called his three counsellors – the Sheep, the Wolf and the Fox.

First he called the Sheep. ‘Tell me, Sheep,’ growled the Lion, ‘do you think my breath smells?’

The Sheep thought the Lion wanted to know the truth. So she bowed low before the Lion and said, ‘Your Majesty, your breath smells terrible. In fact, it smells so bad that it is making me feel quite ill.’

This was not what the Lion had wanted to hear. Roaring angrily, and calling the Sheep a fool, he pounced on her and bit her head off.

Then he called the Wolf. ‘Tell me, Wolf,’ growled the Lion sharpening his claws, ‘do you think my breath smells?’

The Wolf had seen the dead Sheep on the way, and he had no plans to end up the same way. He bowed low before the Lion and said, ‘Your Majesty! How can you ask me that? Your breath smells as sweet as the flowers in spring, as fresh as the…’

He could not finish what he was going to say. ‘Liar!’ roared the Lion, and ripped him to pieces.

At last the Lion called the Fox. The Fox came warily; she had seen the dead Sheep and the dead Wolf on the way.

‘Tell me, Fox,’ growled the Lion, sharpening his claws and yawning widely so that the Fox could see his long sharp teeth, ‘do you think my breath smells?’

The Fox coughed and sneezed and blew her nose, and then clearing her throat noisily, said in a hoarse whisper, ‘Your Majesty, forgive me. I have such a nasty cold that I cannot smell a thing!’

Numeracy: Word problems – from the top half of your sheet – do any 5 and the word problems: all of it. [4 sums only]

Another video of   Tortoise’s Dream

This is one clip of the book: Tortoise’s Dream – our class fable!


Homework Due: 8th January 2013

Spelling: In sentences – please use your Alan Peat sheet in the front of your book.

Numeracy: You’ve been given a copy from Maths on Target-book. Do as many as you can – at least 10! The more the better!

Literacy: Research project: Australia! Animals of Australia, famous landmarks of Australia – see the Australia-Page I’ve created too and the section on the sidebar about Australia! Draw some animals/flag of Australia/underwater-creatures of the Great Barrier Reef. Present your homework as interesting as you can!

Homework due: Tuesday 18th December 2012

Literacy: use your Victorian picture and the questions of last week to write up a recount/newspaper article.  Remember to include your answers to the 5 W’s. You will remember we looked at pictures in the class and you all wrote 5W-questions in the class too – the footballers, the accident, the two girls with the telephone, etc. You then saw a report written by Amy about the accident-picture. This is what is expected from you too.

Spelling: Use your words in sentences – make sure you use the Alan Peat sheet stuck in your book to help you with good sentences.


Numeracy: 5V-groups: 4 numbers [2-3 digit numbers] and write 4 fators with each number: e.g. my number is 60. Factors: 12×5, 6×10, 3×20, 4×15, etc. Extension: write two problems to solve: 2step problems or multi-step problems.

Numeracy – due: Tuesday 11th December

Literacy homework – due 11th December 2012

If you missed the sheet stuck into your book, use this picture

Look at the picture. Use your W-questions: Who What Where When Why How to write down about 15 questions you want to ask about what you see in the picture. Number your questions or write them all around your picture – in a spider diagram. Join your handwriting neatly. You will use these questions to write a recount the following week, so think carefully what questions you want to ask.

Sentences: Use your sheet with spellings to write Alan Peat sentences [Level 3A and above] If you didn’t get  a new sheet [stuck in the back of your homework book], it means you didn’t hand in your book on time, please leave a message in the message box, so your spellings [for your group] can be given to you. Please don’t leave your message here on Monday evening, as I am not at home on Monday evenings… please complete your homework on time – that is during weekends!

Conceit – one of the spelling words – If you think that the world revolves around you, you need to keep thinking.

[gview file=”http://ubuntu.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2012/07/Instructions-bath.pdf”]

Homework: Instructions Literacy Manjot/SimranjitK, Parampreet

[gview file=”http://ubuntu.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2012/07/Instructions-family-picnic.pdf”]

Homework: Instructions – Jatinder

HOMEWORK – due – 27th November 2012

Literacy – Instructions on how to tidy a teenage boy’s bedroom – you got a sheet on how to tidy a teenage girl’s room…use that as an example to write your own. Numeracy: Area and Perimeter [Mrs V’s groups]

Click HERE if you are in the France-group to practise your spellings online. Practise your spellings online and get a certificate – bring the certificate to school – as evidence that you have practised it -or email the certificate to: ictclub2012{at}gmail.com -our class email – and gain 50 points for your group!

Click HERE for SA/TeamGB’s spellings – online.

Germany: Spelling – next week

Click HERE to practise your spelling online. This is spellings for 27th November!

Week: 20th November 2012

Practise your spellings online and get a certificate – bring the certificate to school – as evidence that you have practised it – and gain 50 points for your group!

Spelling for next week-to practise online. Remember to use TEN spelling words and write GOOD quality sentences. [use your Alan Peat sheet in the front cover of your book – also on the Writing Page of the class blog]

Numeracy Homework – due 20th November:

Circle – Pitch&Exp – Y5 page 26 – Timetables and time 24 hour clock notation.

Square – Pitch&Exp – Y5 page 24 and the train table question page 26 [bottom right – from link]

Pentagon – Pitch&Exp – Y6 page 16 and page 23 [mixed]

Hexagon – Pitch&Exp – Y6 [going on to Y7] page 19

November 2012 – download and look at the SATS-type of questions.

Pitch_and_expectations Year 5

KS2 2011 Mathematic Paper A

KS2 2011 Mathematics Paper B

Y6 Pitch and Expectations

Pitch_and_expectations_Y6=Y7 – Rifah and Chandan…

Literacy – Poem in the Style of Pie Corbett – Wind

Use the Poem of Pie Corbett – ‘WIND‘  and write your own ‘wind’ [or any other topic] poem.

Wind Poem

Wind slices its icy blade.

 Wind raids trees,

smacks leaves up back streets.

 Wind somersaults sheets,

bustles and kicks.

 Wind flexes muscles,

flicks its quivering wrist.

 Wind twists dustbins,

into clattering cartwheels.

 Wind curls its steel tongue

like a shout flung at the sky.

 Wind sighs;

Dies.      -by Pie Corbett


It pulls at your clothes

it tugs at your hair,

it whispers on windows

to make people stare.

It rattles your rooftop

it creaks past each tree

it charges down chimneys

and roars with the sea.

It climbs with each cloud

it dives down below,

for the wind is with you

wherever you go.

by Andrew Collett [Poet]

Homework due: Tuesday 13th November 2012

Spelling – see your sheet stuck in the back of your homework book. Remember to use your Alan Peat sheet – stuck in the front cover of your book. Look at the examples and remember too: only ANY TEN spelling words for your sentences.

READING – Level 4C and above – 1x per week collect a signature from your Parent in your reading record book.

Level 3B and 3A readers: – collect 3x per week a signature for reading in your reading record book

All other levels – 4 signatures per week for reading in your reading record book.

Literacy – Poetry – write your own poem.

Numeracy – Scales

Past tense – edIn C-V-C words (e.g.tap) we generally have to double the consonant at the end and THEN add –ed. Tap=tapped
Germany France SA/TeamGB
raked landed defended
baked pretended pretended
faked filled acted
wrapped drilled offended
flapped escaped flooded
gaped reacted committed
folded bullied deserved
trapped carried observed
bugged married preserved
plodded observed berated
  reserved criticised
created demonised
barricaded transcended







Homework after half term:

Literacy – Victorian fact-file – see the following link too:

See this link on the BBC’s site, packed with tons and tons of facts/images etc.

Sentences – only 10 Spelling words – ensure it’s GOOD quality sentences – see your Alan Peat-sheet stuck in the front cover of your book as well.

Homework – due 23rd October 2012

Literacy – Imagine you are Jim. Write a diary entry about your escape from the workhouse up to when you find out Emily is not at Lordship’s house. Write your thoughts, feelings and questions you may ask. You must include: range of punctuation, complex and compound sentences and interesting vocabulary.Also include a range of punctuation and interesting vocabulary.

Spelling: See your spelling sheet – also in this entry- read down.

What about CCAPPPIS sentences!? Never heard of CAPPPIS? Well, here goes:

C = Complex sentences C = Compound sentences

A = Adverbial phrase [when, where, how]

In any order: Paragraph, Powerful words and Punctuation!

I = short sentences for Impact!

S = Similes

Using CCAPPPIS can help you with a level 4C and higher! Come and try it with your spelling homework!

Numeracy – Write related number facts for the calculations below. Remember to include division facts.


1)  3.4 x 4= 13.6

2)  560 x 8= 4480


1)       490 x 7= 3430

2)       630 x 9= 5670


1)       120 x 3

2)       240 x 4


1)       50 x 3= 150

2)       100 x 4= 400


1)       10 x 5= 50

2)       11 x 4= 44

Homework – due 2nd October 2012

Spelling words for the week: 28th September – 19th October 2012

Spelling 4 weeks – click this link, download it and save it on your computer, or print it off.

Homework for Tuesday 25th September:

Literacy – change the opening of the short story to a different opening.

Spelling – put your words into sentences. Ensure your writing is good – add adjectives/adverbs/powerful verbs/connectives like: whilst, if, when, whenever, although, whereas, in addition, meanwhile, etc.

Numeracy: word problems and mulitiplication/division/etc.

Click HERE for the Video clip about Walter Tull – the one you watched in class and click HERE for the Wikipedia link for more facts about Walter Tull. 

Numeracy homework: Rounding

Literacy Homework – 10 facts about Walter Tull

Spelling – Words on list – remember to put it in sentences. Also, your sentences must be the same level of your Literacy writing in class.

Level 3A/4C sentence example: When we arrived at the Olympic stadium, we immediately found our seats and completely exhausted, made our way to the nearest toilets.

Level 4C:  The frogs swooped through the garden, dashed under the washing line and vanished from view.

For our link we used in class, please click HERE and use it to improve your homework writing!

Some adverbs for you to start using in your writing. Remember: An ADVERB tells you more about the VERB- how something has been done. E.g. Unexpectedly, the little girl ran off to her grandma, who was sitting sleepily in her rocking chair.

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