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    Our shared values in Y5: To care for myself and others by making sure we are all safe and happy. To be honest in all we do/say. We always work hard and try our best. We listen carefully and thoroughly. We make sure we are always giving our best, so everyone else can be the best that they can be. We look after our property.
    We like to be 'leaders' and not 'followers' We always choose the 'good' light inside of us. We make the right choices at the right time.

    Anyone can train hard for a short period. Winners give their best every hour of every day for months on end.

    In 5V we like to stop and think - before we do or speak.

    'Give children a thought and they’ll learn for a day. Teach them to think and they’ll learn for a lifetime.’David Hyerle
    If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.- William Arthur Ward
    You cannot write it, if you cannot say it; you cannot say it, if you haven't heard it. - Pie Corbett

    We love to share our way of thinking, it does help us in our learning!

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    Queen Victoria: Reigned: 1837-1901 [63 years and 7 months]

Some of our work

On this page, you will find some of our work! 

On THIS LINK you can read our Victorian stories where they’ve been showcased on the Blogdipping-site of Mrs Julia Skinner – a retired Headteacher. 



Tiles Y5’s painted! If your tile is not here, it means it is incomplete and we need to spend a lunch time to finish it. Maybe you were absent too.




Next – some space art!



Jiovanni’s space art













manyara1 Y5s Wow writing


In Y5 we’ve been learning how to write a story from another point of view. We’ve been studying the story of Manyara – a selfish and unpleasant character – and Nyasha – an altruistic [unselfish] and pleasant character. The title of the story: The beautiful daughters of Mufaro. Please enjoy some random sentences from Y5′s wow-writing. When we write, we try to use compound and complex sentences. Do you spot any in their writing?

Sukhman: As the sun baked down upon the river bed, I was busy listening to Nyasha singing to her pet snake.  As I was walking carefully to the city, I saw an old lady and she frightened me to death! Secretly, but quickly, I approached the palace and minutes later, the wedding party arrived at the palace. I growled to my sister not to go inside the chamber and that there was a snake with ten heads with poisonous teeth!

SimranjitB: Suddenly, from nowhere, a messenger arrived with some dazzling news. As the stars lit up the world, I grabbed some food and silently crouched down gently, ready to go!  Bashing through the thick and overgrown forest, I spotted an old cold-hearted woman, wearing a chick  brown jacket, trying to explain about the laughing trees. 

Ruben: Whenever I heard the droning begging voice, I got even madder and angrier at the boy, as he was getting louder and louder, therefore I screamed at him to shock him and he just wandered off, back to from where he came from. Late that morning, I came across an old mysterious lady with her body stuck in a tree!

HarveenS: As I put on my old worn-out clothes to fetch water from the well and to pick berries, I heard the emergency horn from a messenger and I quickly gathered everything in a clearing and listen to the message. That same night, as the moon replaced the sun, after everyone was asleep, I dashed off to the forest to be the first and adorable girl standing right in front of the King!

Kuljit: Dreadfully shocked by noticing the old ugly woman that knew my name, I immediately ignored her and rapidly strolled off without taking any notice of her. Just when I thought I was nearly by the Palace, I came past an orchard of oak trees, which started laughing at me! Just then the sun opened its eyes and shone its brightness at the trees.  After lumbering hours through the forest, I finally approached the Palace and I could feel my face gleaming by the beautiful sight in front of me.

Priya: Minutes later, which felt like hours, I saw a small boy begging for food and he kept on being very demanding. Without offering any food to him, I passed the innocent, poor boy, whilst my cautious eyes were squinting and scanning the area around me. Was it my imagination?

Taljot: Soon, as it turned dark, I rapidly and quietly tiptoed out of the house and stopped right in front of Nyasha’s window, looking how she admired herself in front of the mirror. On my way through the forest, I stumbled over a young boy, who was very impolite and begging for food. Wondering how Nyasha was going to react, I noticed an old, ugly and wrinkled lady, sitting on a large boulder and she stared at me with a stern face. 

Amrit: Whilst Nyasha was wasting her time in her garden, singing to Nyoka, a chubby-looking messenger brought an urgent message from the King. Quietly and cautiously, I crept out of the house, without trying to make a noise. 

Jeevan: Secretly, though immediately, without wasting any precious time, I jogged off into the forest, trying to be at the Palace before dark. I honestly wanted to help the poor begging boy, however, having had only food for myself, I flew off and continued my frightful journey through the deep and dark forest. All of a sudden, the begging boy was laughing loudly and I stood there in shock. 

Gursimran: Almost immediately, after I sneaked very quietly out of the front door, I realised the forest was even gloomier than I expected. On my way through the dark forest, a skinny, pointy-eared boy interrupted my journey to the Palace. Suddenly, from nowhere, I saw an old, weird lady, with a horror expression on her face, sitting on a stone. 

Navkiran: Whilst the dazzling rays of the sun were roaming the planes of Zimbabwe, I felt so awfully bored by everyone’s thoughts about Nyasha being the future queen! As the day was drawing to a close, I was getting ready to freak out! Strolling down cautiously through the forest, I spotted the grove of trees the old lady was referring to.

nyasha Y5s Wow writing

Image edited – Nyasha

Some of our booklets we made during World Book day! Don’t you think they are cute? We still need to add our beads to some coloured floss and that will be our ‘bookmark’.




We love music! We are in the process of improving our Chopin – [water]-storyboard, which we will upload to Windows Movie Maker to create our own animated movies. We link our storyboard to our current topics in Science and Geography. We will upload our videos on the blog as soon as they are completed, which should be within the first few weeks of Summer 1.



In Numeracy we looked at Symmetry and created our own ‘Mandalas’. We designed our pattern and in Publisher we put the 4 quarters together and saved it as an image. Don’t you think they are great? We loved it!








These are some of our work for a year group-display about Super Heroes. The pictures you see here haven’t been chosen by our TA for our combined year-group display and I’ve thought they are great pictures to display on our blog. As soon as we replace our display, the other pictures will get added to our entry here. We linked our display-work to our Myths and Legends Literacy Unit. Our children have talent! Look at these – more will get added soon. Please check back next week. Please slide down for some legends written during Spring 1.
















Enjoy Y5’s legends! During Spring 1, we studied Myths and Legends. Please enjoy some of our great stories written in Y5V.

Far, far away, where there lived enormous creatures with amazing abilities, there was a wise dad, called Mick. He lived in a little hut with his three clever sons. Mick was the cleverest man at Gonga, South Africa. Also in Gonga, lived a creature, which had special abilities of flying and it had special snakes and if you looked into their eyes, they will turn you into stone! Snakepus lived under a large, old and smelly bridge, where you could find old bones scattered all over the area.

One hot, summers day, Mick took his three sons to Snakepus bridge, however, if you look further, you would see a beautiful river, full of delicious cold sweet water. Whenever you had to cross the bridge, you needed to be careful, so you won’t wake Snakepus up! Mick always left his sons in a huge cave nearby, to be safe from Snakepus!

Whilst Mick was trotting over the cracked old bridge, ons of the sons saw a scorpion and threw a stone at it, but it missed and fell into Snakepus’s hole! Snakepus, the aggressive and vicious creature, instantly grabbed the three sons, but Mick had a magic stick, so he decided to turn them into birds!

Snakepus was furious and chased Mick up and down the huge mountains, but Mick was trapped! However, Mick jumped off the mountains to turn himself into a bird, but he didn’t realise that he dropped his stick, when he transformed himself into a bird!

The days become older and Mick, (the bird), searched and searched for his stick, talking to his three sons and feeding them with worms. The three sons are still hopping around with their dad, waiting for the day that they could be humans again.

Long ago, in the mists of the valleys in Ancient Greece, a fearsome, fierce and ferocious monster was eating his prey. Everyone was afraid of the terrifying and intimidating, terrible and horrible creature, called Sterafix Viper.

Whilst Sterafix Viper was finishing his hunted food, a dainty and adorable little girl strolled carefully, not to disturb this creature, with her mum and dad. Sterafix Viper saw the happy family and sneakily captured the mother, after stalking them cautiously and watchfully. Sterafix Viper grabbed her in her face and took her to his den, in which he lived and made angry, bloody beady eyes at her to scare her.

Very worried, the mother thought the monster would gulp her up in one big go! He put her in a massive wired cage, to go and find the dad. As the creature spotted him with his daughter, he chased after him like an active cheetah and captured him. The little girl was worried and all of a sudden, went missing!

But then she remembered her special amulet in her special pocket. She wore it around her neck and started to sing, “Fa-la-la-la…” When she was finished with her song, all of the animals of the entire woods followed her. Her amulet had powers to communicate with any type of animal! “Do you know where my parents are?” asked the little girl. Despite the animals being in shock, they replied saying, “Yes, we saw the Sterfix Viper taking them one by one!” “Where is the Sterafix Viper?” she enquired. The animals showed her, they also showed her a sign saying, ‘BE AWARE!’ Quickly and thankfully, she thanked them for their help.

Merrily, the little girl strolled away, though carefully, towards the den of the fearsome, fierce and ferocious Sterafix Viper. Suddenly, the Sterafix Viper jumped out and made a party face, but the girl shouted, “WHERE ARE MY PARENTS!” The Sterafix Viper replied, “In there…. I wanted to be friends, I am really lonely.”

Depressed and devastated, the girl was upset that the Sterafix Viper was lonely and then said, “I am sorry that you are lonely, why don’t you be my pet?”

“Okay!! Okay!! Okay!!” he replied anxiously and excitedly.
“Now let my parents go,” the little girl demanded. “Okay, okay, okay!!” the Sterafix Viper chuckled.

So the family, including Sterafix Viper, went back home. When they reached home, little girl named Sterafix Viper ‘Sparky. She put Sparky in her extra, extra large garden and he lived with the little girl forever! Navkiran

Harshaan_creatureA long time ago, whilst the world’s most threatening monster lived, there were hundreds of dead bodies found, especially children’s. This creature was as energetic as a husky. Less than 50% of people in a town would go out of their doors, they were all too scared of the creature, which was gigantic, it was the size of a football field!

When the place shook, a bang was heard constantly and the Bunyip, the most fearsome creature, approached closer and closer with a loud roar! People living in the town froze, not even a whisper was heard! There were three brothers and they smashed the doors off their house, they were scared of nothing! The Bunyip would not go near them.

After the bang-noise had stopped, the giant footsteps had stopped! When the brothers marched through the thick and dark forests, a humongous shadow appeared everywhere! The ground shook, then the Bunyip appeared! The brothers were normal, but protected other people if they had to do something to survive the deadly creature.

The three brothers, which wore a shield they had found, had some unusual weapons,  fire blades with  massive rocks and bombs!

Cautiously and viciously, they disposed their weapons at the Bunyip but another body appeared on the head! Lighting up fire by some coal in the forest, they struck the Bunyip and placed some water on it as well. As the Bunyip died, he poisoned the three brothers, which then turned into three rocky mountains!

Parents were absolutely frustrated with their children, when they found that the Bunyip was taking them! At the end, all were proud of the Bunyip being killed, but sad about the fact that it turned the three brothers into stone. The three brothers are still waiting to be turned back into humans, but sadly, it would never happen, as the Bunyip needs to be alive! Harshaan
One day, when three sons were walking through the creepy, scary and spooky forest of doom, they saw a fog rising from nowhere. When the fog cleared, they saw a tunnel with a little bit of fog around it and they were frightened by the tunnel, because they saw red eye bowls glowing in the dark! When it was coming forward, it roared loudly with a fierce noise and it tried to eat them alive! The three sons were Rex, Max and Pan. They were trying to run away from this creature, called the Tasmanian devil! Their mother and father tried to find them and were so worried! What if they got kidnapped!

When the creature came closer, his eyes were read, boiling hot, as blood was running down his face and his body was as strong as a shield. His feet were hairy, like a werewolf and he could transform into  a man, while running into the forest! The Tasmanian devil could also wreck a whole ship and it could swim so fast, even faster than a great white shark! When it was in a bad mood, he would break the banks of the river, causing the water to flow over and flood parts of the valleys and the forests. All huts would get destroyed and ruined and people, who lived in the villages, were miserable.

Rex was lost and he didn’t know where to go, but he saw a torch light shining as the trees moved forward and then found his mum and dad. The other two boys were left alone in the forest of doom! It’s quite scary, because crows were calling, CAW CAW!! While still walking, Max turned around and it was his mum and dad and his brother Rex! Rex and Max said together, “Now we need to find Pan quickly, because the Tasmanian devil might eat him alive!”

Pan was so frightened of the dark, because he would never go anywhere without his brothers! But when they barged into a tree, he saw four shadows, she he thought it was four Tasmanian devils, but just west, behind the trees, he looked behind himself and saw his family! They all walked away home safely. Gurjoth


Whilst the Gundangwara people were roaming the villages in the Blue Mountains, there was a loud BANG! SMASH! on the other side of the villages. The fierce, three-headed creature was attacking them! In a distance, there was a loud shout, “HELP US!!”

A young boy, called Jim, was running for his life! Meanwhile, the three-headed, vicious, crazy creature, was too busy smashing huts, he had forgotten who he was chasing! Jim was a young, clever boy, whose parents have both died. He lived on the streets of the villages. This vicious creepy creature, the Bunyip, has been after Jim for years!

While Jim was walking back to his village, he met there the scared and nervous sisters. Sitting next to a mysterious shop, made of straw, mud and horse dipping, they were discussing the events of the day. On the other side, there was a young, short man, in his mid twenties and with him a fat tall lady.

A water-pool of thoughts was going through Jim’s head. Who were these people? Why were they sitting here? As Jim walked up to them, they were wailing so loud, that a volcano erupted! Jim rushed to the sisters and quickly warned them, “We need to get help!” Shocked by what Jim was saying, they shouted, “We are not leaving!” and continued wailing.

Jim knew the volcano couldn’t go on forever, so he jumped off the roof of the shop. Meanwhile, the lava rushed through the village…! Jim quickly pulled on a magic stone and turned the three girls into stone. Suddenly, the three-headed creature jumped out of nowhere…but he got burnt by the lava, before he could reach the children of the villages.

After the lava had cleared, Jim jumped down and realised he couldn’t turn the girls back to humans again, as he had lost the magic stone! The girls are still standing there today, waiting to be turned back to humans. Jatinder


During the time, when the gods claimed the world to be their own, Zeus had two sons. He tried to teach them, Aigipan, the older son, and Kairos, the younger, how to be brilliant warriors. Kairos always wanted to be an adventurous warrior and paid attention to what Zeus tried to teach them, but the older one, Aigipan, never showed as much interest than his brother. Zeus loved Kairos a lot and made him feel very special. Aigipan got jealous, therefore he wanted revenge and wanted to kill his brother, so his dad could love him more!

When the roasted sun blazed across the world of Mount Olympus, Aigipan found a way for revenge! It was to leave him in the lion’s jungle, however, when Aigipan saw the lion, he glared at the vicious, threatening lion, with his ocean blue eyes. Moreover, he clutched the lion under his arms with his bare hands and brought it home for supper.

Kairos arrived home in Mount Olympus, with a juicy lion to gobble up. Zeus felt very proud of his son, even prouder of his beloved son, Kairos! Furthermore, Aigipan went to feed all the animals in the jungle, however, all of a sudden, an incredible strong tiger appeared! Aigipan first felt petrified and horrified, but Kairos struck and whacked the tiger! In addition, he got his magical bow and aimed cautiously at the tiger’s neck. Aigipan just strolled slowly home as if nothing happened!

As Aigipan got to his dad’s royal house, he planned an evil way to get more revenge. Moreover, it was to sneak into Hephaestus house, the fire house, with clay to make a creature, because the fire would turn the clay into solid rock. The creature had threatening jaws, very powerful muscles and every time you chopped off his head, more’d come and make it bigger, stronger and more powerful! Aigipan had a grin on his face as he walked away and called his creature the Bunyip!

Aigipan let the Bunyip free, in the dark eerie forests with an evil face. “MWAHWHAHWA!!” he laughed with an evil tone in his voice. As the Bunyip was too powerful, he let out his vicious eyes on Kairos and attacked him severely. When the Bunyip was feasting his eyes on Aigipan, Kairos saw it and ZOOMED! to the Bunyip and chopped his head off, however, when he sliced his head off, another appeared! The Bunyip was extremely angry and punched Kairos in the head and left him unconscious! Aigipan, incredibly angry, whacked the Bunyip time and time again, but it wasn’t enough. Then Aigipan remembered that Zeus told them to aim for the heart. He took his bow and arrow and aimed carefully for his heart. BOOM!!

Eventually the Bunyip was dead, but Aigipan realised he had made a mistake and put Kairos’s head in his lap and kissed his forehead and said, “sorry brother.” Kairos was still alive and on his last breath. Aigipan rushed to Zeus to make him better, although it took a while for Kairos to recover. After he had recovered, their relationship was extremely strong and they went in as a team and fought crime together. Keerat



After a bright and early morning in one of the deep dark forests of South Africa,  the dull pars of the day began. Tokoloshe, an old, grumpy and selfish short monster had come back to his tribe to reign and ruin things again and again.

Seeing Tokoloshe in surprised horror, the people of the Lobedu tribe rushed into their homes. Some of them were looking for Queen Modjadji, the Rain Queen, to capture him.

Whilst searching for Queen Modjadji, they saw the Tokoloshe, in the corner of their eyes and rapidly ran in the direction of the vicious creature. Then they saw Queen Modjadji lying on the muddy ground! They gasped and froze, there was no movement, until suddenly… the Tokoloshe dashed and hid after a huge, gigantic burp! Queen Modjadji’s people chased after the horrible creature and then found themselves lost in the mystical and beautiful forest.

The Lobedu people were anxious to find their way out! Suddenly, a torch flashed three times! Tokoloshe stopped and yelled from a distance that he would never ever be friends with them! However, he warned them that if they wanted his friendship, then he will pick the chosen one to find all the four objects he desired!  He desired a diamond ring, an opal and ruby ring and the most precious thing in his life, a kind and caring friend to stay with him forever.

Searching for the objects Tokoloshe desired, Tokoloshe reminded them that they would hear a continuous stampede of animals, but not to panic, the stampede means something good, but to get out quickly, as it would run over them. Tokoloshe also gave the chosen one, Queen Modjadji, a tribal map with x’e where they were going to be. So Queen Modjadji’s people went to Bourke’s Luck.

Going into a cave, they found at Bourke’s Luck, they found one ruby ring! They decided to walk around more in the cave. Wondering if they might find all the objects, even a friend, they continued with their search.

As they walked deeper into the cave, they found an opal ring, so they kept on walking and then immediately found a diamond ring! Also, they found a poor man crying, all by himself. They remembered! Tokoloshe said he wanted a friend as well, to make him happy!

Arriving back home, they said to Tokoloshe, “What was the point of giving us a map, when we found all your objects and a friend? We hope you are happy!”

Tokoloshe was happy for many years and till this day, he is still friends with the Lebodu people. Harveen S

In a time long ago, the people around the Tufa waterfall was trapped, by an evil, hairy, sharp-eared monster. This creature, with gigantic feet, was the Tokoragon. Tokoragon disliked children, especially when they disturbed him in his wonderful, comfy sleep! Not only was Tokoragon extremely strong, but he was also bad tempered! When in a bad mood, he would draw a fireball with a stick on the bright sand and give life to it!

Although the Water god and the Earth god knew what was going to happen if they left Aure and Asti, their adopted children, to tussle the Tokoragon, they flew to the greenest canyon and began a race, the final competition! Whoo!! The two rushed across the canyon.

Suddenly, the Earth god stopped halfway down the cliff, holding a tree lightly. The tree snapped down! “Help!! Help!! HE…LP!!” yelled the Earth god, slowly falling down the canyon. “Water god, P..L…E…A…S…E!!”
Water god whirled around quickly and flew into the deep blue river, called the River Blyde, as he was known as the Water god. Splash!! Out came the Water god. He placed something like a trampoline on top of the river and … Boing! Boing! Earth god fell on top of it and Water god gave him power of strength.

As the noise become louder and louder, the Tokoragon woke up and smelt the blood of humans! At that moment, Aure and Asti were right above the Tufa waterfall! The Tokoragon drew his code to stop the waterfall, but first he called out to the Rain Queen, but she ignored him, as she knew what was going to happen. Tokoragon drew the code, ∑╚ѤѠתᶋ₡$. This time it worked perfectly!

Above the waterfall, they waited patiently. After a minute or so, Aure lifted his head over and peeped down. For the second time that moment, Aure and Asti’s blood froze to ice! There, out came Tokoragon with an enormous, ugly, long, pale wrinkly face of a giant. It grabbed the two! Its wiggly fingers squeezed them. He threw them like tennis balls into the waterfall. Shivering and screaming, the two little children slid out with wet bodies. They knew they could fight and defeat Tokoragon, who has a giant and pointy long nose.

At this moment, Earth god and Water god realised their adopted children were in danger; they didn’t care anymore about the race!

Meanwhile, Aure and Asti were trying to figure out the code… Earth god and Water god flew with their sharpest swords to attack….They were shocked when they saw the two children inside the waterfall. Water god and Earth god were not afraid, they battled the Tokoragon with all their power they had!
“AAOOOWWWW!!!” Tokoragon fell! DEAD! YES!!

Tokoragon no longer lived there, his power stopped. It was given to the Water god and the Earth god. All the magic froze and their two children were saved…Kuljit

While the old villagers were going about their daily routines, Zeus, an evil god, was looking sternly at the villagers. The citizens of Kenya were gathering up to discuss the fierce and vicious monster, called the Tokoloshe. A wise and cunning person, named Modjadji, was also to face the brutal, harsh and deadly creature, the Tokoloshe.

In the lush and refreshing land of Kenya, Selene anxiously watched the fierce and frightening creature, called the Tokoloshe. A young stubborn and wilful girl, called Caisa, was chanting that she wanted to discover the ‘Garclers Route’, however, her thoughtful and wise father advised her to take one of her five considerate friends with her.

Caisa opened the gate slowly. ‘Creek, creek!’ shrieked the old gate. Ons her her shy and gentle friends were afraid of the dark, gloomy sky. She horrifically threw a gigantic stone up in the sky, to embrace it. Caisa was very keen to go further, so she ordered her supportive friends to stay behind, because of their poor self-defence. 

An owl softly howled a peaceful, yet soothing hoot nearby and swiftly took his flight in the darkness of the silent night. Caisa was incredibly eager to discover the unknown creature, known as the Tokoloshe. Almost immediately, her eyes glared into the darkness, a shadow…! Her curiosity was too much! Nearer and nearer she moved to the creature, though she didn’t notice a rather long…. “Ahhh!!” she murmured and her voice echoed through the entire valley, calling upon her five responsible friends.

Caisa’s friends all sprinted immediately and confidently to support and care for her. Arriving in bravery, they waited; however, they were not able to find a fearsome weapon!  Suddenly, in front of the anxious friends’ eyes, a heavy, ten mile solid rock appeared! Tokoloshe was furious and as a result, he turned Caisa in a coloured solid rock, which is now Mount Kenya!

Long, a long time ago, when the Blue Mountains were rising above the hills and the valleys, a vicious, smelly creature, called the Bunyip, was snoring in a disgusting, dark stinking hole, deep down the forests of the lost mountains. When he snored at night, it always alarmed the villagers. It was the most dreadful thing, when they were asleep, as his snore was louder as the loudest BANG you could imagine.

One day, the day was still young, the villagers decided that somebody had to face the particularly bad tempered creature; not forgetting his devilish eyes! Everyone was shivering with fear. One man had said with bravery, “I shall face the Bunyip! Even if I suffer like a weak ant, I will do something about it!” All the villagers smiled and returned with joy, which they had lost, but there was still some danger they were thinking about. All was not safe.

The next day, when thunder was growling upon the Blue Mountains, all the villagers were talking about the weather. The explosion about the thunder was to destroy the houses! “BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!” Everyone saw the Rain Queen was waving her magical wand, which was a spell! More thunder! Why would she be doing this?

“I want the Bunyip to suffer!” the Rain Queen yelled, “Ha, ha, ha, ha!” Strolling across the paths, feeling proud of the clever Rain Queen, the Rain Queen was thinking about how she could mess with water and rain!
Something was going wrong! The Rain Queen was dying, because she was not allowed to use that much rain, otherwise she would die! “Saved me!” she cried.

Nobody could hear the Rain Queen, because everyone was so busy spreading the news about her! Unfortunately, the queen was drowning, in pain! The villagers saw her and kept her in the temple. On the brighter side, they never saw the Bunyip again!
Simranjit B

“Mama, Mama! Can you tell me about the Great Wall of China in this book!” said Jay. The mother took the book and this is what it said in the book: “How did the Great Wall of China became there”.

Long, long ago, in ancient China, there lived a fearsome creature called the Fanger! The Fanger was really sharp and a gigantic dragon. It was always flying around the huge Himalayas, looking at its petrifying army in his mystical dimensions, shouting to prepare for a great battle.The villagers knew about this dragon and decided that it was time to attack and finish this matter. They called many successful armies, such as the Sulton’s Army, U.S. air forces, Indian armies and the Irish army. There were many soldiers!

As they sun shone like never before, the legendary dragon approached the villagers over the mountains. On the other hand, the ancient Chinese were busy building the great wall, where they could protect themselves and make holes, so they could put guns through to shoot with no harm.

Many gods drew near Zeus and took position, as they saw their opponents moved towards the big mountains that looked like a giant sitting by his gigantic table for breakfast. Every weapon was ready and nearby.

“SHAAA!!!” shouted the dragon, spitting some huge fireballs! Everybody bowed down to protect themselves. Just an hour before, they planned an idea and now it was going to be revealed! The gods flew forward! Everyone attacked!

There was a family stuck and the father got his magic bone and attacked from the other side. Half of the people were behind the enemies, attacking as they went. A three-headed dog was killed, a goblin died, villagers were getting more petrified!

“Water, water!!” roared the armies. As a shooting star blazed across the night sky, the father had a super idea. Dreadfully shocked by the amount of power the enemies had, they discovered a weakness, which was to use fire! This was really helpful, because the Water god was powerful and mighty and could put out the fire in no time!  Sombo and Timbi, a boy and girl, climbed on the ferocious dragon and pulled its ears. Immediately, the dragon fell over and its tail hit the wall, which looked like a castle on the edge. The only enemy that was left, was the Fanger, who turned invincible!

“TOOSH!!” the thunder collapsed and rain fell down like a huge tsunami. The dragon became visible and fell down!

“YEAH!!” They had won the battle! The wall stayed there forever and it’s now called, ‘The Great Wall of China’! Jeevan

Long, long ago, during the sixteenth century, there lived the Gundergara people in Australia. Down under the mountains, there lived a vicious, terrifying beast, the Magraskandon. At night it would go and kill the villagers.

The Villagers decided the beast must be killed once and for all, but someone, brave as a knight, had to kill the Magraskandon! Jim said, “I will accept this challenge, but I need one thing, your trust!” The mayor of the village said, “Are you sure you want to do it? This might not be easy.” Jim replied in a whispering voice, “I’m sure.”

Jim strolled into the forest and open a sharp eye, because the terrible beast could be nearby. As he strolled, he was always looking around, as it was getting dark like spots in the sun.

Jim thought this might be a good idea to set up camp. As he was setting up camp, he saw a glow, it looked like eyes and it was the terrible Magraskandon! As it jumped on Jim, it used it sharp claws. It made Jim scared. Jim was getting angry and he picked up his sword and killed the Magraskandon instantly and bought his skin as a trophy.

Spring Term: Y5’s have been learning about data handling the past week. We worked in groups and collected various sets of data. Some Y5’s were collecting data on recycling in the Y4 classes, some other groups collected data about after school clubs and activities. Rusneet’s data is on Y5 boys and their after school activities. On the above line graph, you can see Y4DK’s data on various categories. To read and have more fun with
pie charts,  click the link.



Spring Term investigation – after school activities and recycling

Autumn term Numeracy investigation: Bar Chart – Harnoor – packed lunches – Upper KS2

Science investigation during Autumn term: The effect of exercise on our bodies. We’ve been collecting our results and you can now see what our graphs look like! Do you like our graphs? What do you notice from our results?

Jiovanni’s graph

Anaya’s graph

Avneet’s graph

Manjot’s graph

Navkiran’s graph

Ruben’s graph

Gursimran’s graph

In Y5 we have been reading the story of the BFG and Y5’s have been writing their own new chapter – and added a new character – to the story of the BFG. Please enjoy what you find here…different good pieces of work will appear on this page. Children will love your comments – and if you are a child, please leave some ‘Star’-comments for your friends. Thank you.

“Crash!” A bolt of thunder flashed across the banks of the lake. Just nearby, Sophie tried to sprint away, to go back to the orphanage. As the raindrops began to grow bigger, the wind become more wild and Sophie wasn’t quite able to walk in these terrible weather conditions! Then she stopped! She peered out the cave from a distance and saw a shadow appeared. As she tiptoed closer, the shadow grew bigger and bigger!

“What’s that… I’ve never seen it before…” Sophie whispered, with a peculiar facial expression. Later on, the shadow was too close and Sophie slowly lifted her face upwards…towards…A mysterious-looking face, which had a red round nose and petite ears, was looking back at her. “I wonder what this is?” Sophie thought, “but I think I heard about it before…. I think it’s called the Nose- Nibb-…”

 “Oh, enough of the whispering, kid!!” Nose-Nibbler roared, reaching out towards Sophie, interrupting her thoughts viciously. Sophie was startled, but not even a bone in her body moved!  “Now enough of that, you snotcumber, cockroach! Tell me where the BFG is!” roared Nose-Nibbler.

“Why was he asking all these weird questions to a little girl like me”, Sophie thought by herself. “No! I won’t tell you and why do you want him, anyway?” Sophie said, being quite a mature and brave child for her age.  If she had said even a word more, she would have been in deep…. deep trouble!

After a few seconds, Nose-Nibbler grabbed hold of Sophie and brought her slowly up to his face. Terrified and petrified Sophie stared at him! As fast as lightning, Sophie said, “Let me go! You ugly, nasty giant! I know why you want the BFG! You are jealous of him!” she shouted bravely.

Sophie had heard that Nose-Nibbler was packed with greed and jealousy, so she took a brave step to say, whilst shivering, ” You’re too greedy, grumpy, an old fff-fat and uu-unhealthy giant!! Let me go, ugh!” Sophie started to panic, however the poor orphan managed to escape from the gooey hands of the ugly fierce-looking giant. She thought she had gone too far! Maybe she shouldn’t have said these words! However, it was too late! Nose-Nibbler’s face turned as red as a tomato! It was the most petrifying moment Sophie could ever imagined! 

“Smart kid! Tell me where the BFG is, you… you…!” bellowed Nose-Nibbler as loud and fiercely as he could. Just then, Sophie heard a voice echoing along the road and in an instant, the BFG was there!

“Oi, What is you doing with my Sophie?!” exclaimed the BFG in a surprised tone to Nose-Nibbler. “If you where a little girl, like poor old Sophie and some random giants is picking you up, would you like this? All I is meaning to say is that you are a really mean and cruel as a techerpuffin-fog!” said the BFG with a long-lasting sigh at the end.

Thinking about it, Nose-Nibbler said quietly, “Oh! I am so sorry! Can we be friends, please?” — written by Harnoor

 Victorian Stories…


It was a frightening, gloomy night, when torture began! “Crash, boom! Thump, crash!!” It was war. Charlie’s whole family was bombed! Charlie ended up in Britain and on the streets of London. As his soulful eyes grew tiny and narrowed, small tears slid across his cheeks. People (that were rich), laughed and pointed at him and tip-toed by. His life was wrecked…


One bright, fresh crispy morning – the sun was about to settle, when suddenly his eyes followed a man. The man was wearing a top-hat and hence a long cloak with jagged ends and he was gripping a long stick!  Moreover, Charlie noticed that the stick had a logo! Apparently, the man was coming towards him! What was he going to do? Was he in trouble? What was he going to say to the man?


“Hello, kid! What’s up, me names Mr Jonsman,” introduced Mr Jonsman himself in a low and deep voice. Little did Charlie know that in how much trouble he would be if he responded to Mr Jonsman…


“H-hello – Sir, do have anything to eat? Oh, if not food, can I just have a blanket, me is so shivvering!” muttered poor Charlie, looking around to all the other children, dressed up warmly.


“Wait, you want enough shillings for you grubby old self, you can work in my factory!” exclaimed Mr Jonsman in a demanding voice.


As they were talking, Charlie saw a spark in Mr Jonsman’s eye…He had a curious doubt. After talking and walking for a while, there was a mysterious long pause. Charlie felt uncomfortable. He didn’t know what to say.


“Right!” Jonsman said, reaching out towards Charlie, dragging him on the saddle. Minutes later, they arrived at an old, shabby, but enormous house. Charlie looked around.  Slowly, while opening the door to the enormous dusty house, Mr Jonsman ordered quickly, “Come, come, come!!”


Just then, Jonsman grabbed poor Charlie’s hand and slid him wildly across the surface; finally in a dark gloomy, mysterious room.


“The name’s Gangster Gill, and no one, not even my gang, messes with me!!” Jonsman (who is actually Gangster Gill) shouted viciously, striding from side to side, whilst Charlie crawled slowly towards the corner of the room.


“I’m the world’s most wanted wants-man there ever is in all wantsmanships!! The soldiers have been hunting for me for years, all across the world. I am still alive! I’ve been torturing people, throwing them in rivers and making them starve!


In a quick sudden flash, Gangster Gill smacked the door closed. Now Charlie was stuck with a rope…hang on …a rope? That mysteriously gave clever Charlie a great idea! After a minute of thinking, his eye caught a window! It was a long large window, with neatly polished sides. Charlie was good at maths and puzzles, so he quickly grab-hold of the rope and flung it outside the window and tied it to a tree. Successfully, he began climbing it easily. Near the end, he took a huge leap for it. Fortunately, he was gone! He had escaped!!


Still know one knows where Charlie had gone to! He might be here, just behind you! And as for Gangster Gill….? Well, that’s a whole lot of another story! +++Harnoor


As the bolt of lightning flashed across the dull, gloomy sky, Sam, a young boy, was staring through the Boarding School’s window. It was raining heavily. He had a sister, who was also a cleaner. Sam’s father died during the Crimean war with his brother.


“AAAAHHH!!!” shouted Sam. He got a big smack on his hand from his teacher. It hurt a lot! He hated boarding school. Thunder began rumbling like when your tummy rumbled, when you were hungry. Sam couldn’t take this anymore! He thought to plan an escape from school. It felt like a jail and it was just unbearable. Nobody liked it.


Sam went to fresh himself up. The rain had stopped. He heard footsteps! Who could it be?  Where is this person from? Many questions flicked through his mind.


“Hello boy! My name is Vile Victor!” a tall and grumpy old man growled. Sam widened his eyes and turned around. The man shouted, “Come and have  a feast with me!” Sam thought about it. It might be a trap, however, he was very poor and extremely hungry! He decided to join the old man, he didn’t look like somebody who would cause any harm to somebody else. In fact, he looked more friendly now since he was closer to him.


 When Sam finished what was a delicious feast, the man tricked him and a cage fell down on him! Sam trembled with fear! Laughing was all the man did. Meanwhile, Sam’s teacher couldn’t find him and the children got worried! All the boys rushed out of the school, because it was after school time and they could play, so they needed to go outside to the lake. There was absolutely nothing, except the lake and a bunch of trees. The boys knew there was a man living beside the lake, so they came up with an idea to go to this man.


Half an hour later, there was one person, Tom, near the lake. The other children found cover behind the trees. This was their plan! Vile Victor was coming! Meanwhile, Sam opened his eyes and looked at the window. He saw Tom with Vile Victor! Everybody was behind the vile man! Sam also recognised his teacher and he felt so excited by the thought of seeing them all again!


“CHARGE!!!!” shouted everyone. Vile Victor was trapped! Everyone took the man to the Workhouse, where guards punished him. Everything was back to normal, although a little punishment was waiting for Sam. However, Sam accepted the punishment. “AAAAHHHH!!” was all he could say after being caned three times for trying to escape. Sam realised it was best to stay at Boarding School. —JEEVAN Y5V


When the wind settled, the poor and lonely orphans were starving and the horrific cries on the rooftops of London houses could be heard for miles and miles.  However, John always tried to be brave, though it was hard most of the time. He always tried to believe in himself, but he couldn’t cope, as his mother died from cancer.


As the moon rose, the orphans went to their night jobs in the dark and dangerous factories with magnificent machines. “What’s the point of doing this job? We only get a shilling and always starve to death!” groaned John, looking at the other orphans. The other orphans leaped home around in tears, as they were abused by the adults. They were not doing their work properly as they used to do, because of all the abuse! John and the others started getting abused repeatedly. “I’m tired of being beaten, next time we will stand up for us and be fearless! We need to stand together, we are in it together!”


As soon as John got to the factory, he stood up for everyone who got beaten and never got paid. “I am sick and tired of you abusing us,” shouted John to the owner. “You think you’re so clever, John, but you and your little dirty friends will even get more beaten and abused because of you! Nobody will go home! Oh yeah, I forgot, you don’t have a home!” interrupted and exclaimed the owner of the factory, really angry at John. 


Ever since that day, John wrote a diary in the hope to get it published. That same evening, John ran away. It was extremely hard and it was cold. He didn’t have enough energy left… Chapter 2 to follow…Keerat Y5V


An owl hooted. It was nearly midnight. Charlotte, a pleasant sweet girl, woke up to start serving her master. He was a polite and kind man, his name was Wily Russo. Charlotte opened her master’s door and quietly tip-toed  over to her master’s bed to start massaging his tired and sore legs.


After she massaged his legs, she quickly went downstairs, very quietly, to prepare breakfast. It was still dark outside. Only the shuffle of some birds could be heard near the kitchen window. She made oatmeal with strawberries and blue berries. This was Wily Russo’s favourite breakfast. Also, Charlotte made some toast with jam for Wily’s wife.


As soon as Wily woke up with his wife, he immediately scoffed his breakfast on the dining table and ordered his wife to sit down. Praising Charlotte he said, “Some great food once again!” Shyly Charlotte replied, “Thank you, Sir!” “Here’s your 5 shillings for this hour Charlotte,” he muttered under his breath. “Thank you, Sir,” Charlotte responded in a soft nervous voice.


Excitedly Charlotte walked to the kitchen with the dishes. Wily Russo left for work with his big black bag, while his wife stayed in the house along with Charlotte. His wife didn’t like Charlotte. She was a strange person.


Half an hour later, Charlotte got thrown out of the house, literally with her suitcase and all her belongings! Charlotte was surprised. Wily’s spoilt wife didn’t like her that much! Sitting under the shelter at the bus stop, Charlotte starved for food! Then suddenly,  she remembered the 5 shillings!


Bare and tired feet, she walked all the way to the meat pudding shop and spent a shilling on a pie with gravy. As she entered the shop, she realised it was empty and a man was hastily packing the supplies in the stove.


“What’s going on, Sir!” moaned Charlotte, feeling really hungry and tired. “I’m closing down this shop! It hasn’t got busier for the past five months,” replied the man irritatedly.


“Well, may I have a pie?” called Charlotte out, without looking at the man. “I’m sorry, I can’t give you a pie,” shouted the man loudly, continuing the packing.


Meanwhile, Wily Russo was walking down the same street and in one sudden moment, he saw Charlotte drenched in rain. Running over to her, he covered her with a towel and walked her to the house. He asked his wife what happened. She told him the truth and said, “I’m also packing my bags, I’m going back to my mum – forever!” Wily’s wife left the house! 


“Charlotte, I’ve got good news for you, you are not a servant anymore! You are now my very own daughter! I am officially adopting you as my daughter – Charlotte Russo!” chuckled Wily. 


“Thank you, Si… uh, I mean… father!” replied Charlotte quietly. Charlotte was happy forever, knowing that she would always have some shelter and a warm bed! +++Navkiran


It was a warm cheerful afternoon, when Mack was putting his rubbish in the bin near the door. Mack was getting looked after his older sister Jan. Also, they were living in a small quiet village, not far from London. Mack didn’t know his family. He only knew his mum, who died from a water disease. Being the oldest, his sister knew all about their dad and kept on telling Mack all about him, but sadly, he got killed by a street gang when he got himself involved with the wrong people!


It was a perishing, cold and crispy morning, when Mack was getting water from a river nearby their tiny home. “I’m… really cold!” he whispered to himself, looking around as if there was a warm jumper to wear. He immediately called his friends over to help with the water. As soon as they got the filthy water, (that is all what was available) Jan had spotted something very peculiar and strange! Because she didn’t like his friends, she told them to go, she even gave Mack a whole lecture on his so-called not great friends! So Mack dropped the water and then he had to go back again for water. He then had a feeling that he got followed, but ignored the feeling and walked on. When reaching the river, a person stood behind him and grabbed him and held him very tight!


As the crafty person set off, Mack was shouting loudly, “HELP!!!” It was too late. Immediately he was taken to a large filthy factory and the mystery man ordered him in a loud and demanding voice, “Go and pick those threads up!” “Y..yes!!” cried Mack nervously, but instantly. One hour later Mack made up his mind, “I’m going to escape!!” he thought to himself. The very next day, he told his boss that he needed a bath very urgently and he got sent to a stream. Suddenly, his boss appeared out of nowhere, but luckily, he didn’t see Mack!


Mack ran as fast as a wild dog after some yummy food! When he saw his sister, Jan, he went wild and shouted repeatedly, “I am free!! I am free!!” Mack was free and the mystery man was arrested. Mack lived happily with his sister and had nothing to worry about. +++Ruben

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