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    Our shared values in Y5: To care for myself and others by making sure we are all safe and happy. To be honest in all we do/say. We always work hard and try our best. We listen carefully and thoroughly. We make sure we are always giving our best, so everyone else can be the best that they can be. We look after our property.
    We like to be 'leaders' and not 'followers' We always choose the 'good' light inside of us. We make the right choices at the right time.

    Anyone can train hard for a short period. Winners give their best every hour of every day for months on end.

    In 5V we like to stop and think - before we do or speak.

    'Give children a thought and they’ll learn for a day. Teach them to think and they’ll learn for a lifetime.’David Hyerle
    If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.- William Arthur Ward
    You cannot write it, if you cannot say it; you cannot say it, if you haven't heard it. - Pie Corbett

    We love to share our way of thinking, it does help us in our learning!

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    Rivers- Geography Topic
    The Titanic - 2012 - 100 years!

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    Queen Victoria: Reigned: 1837-1901 [63 years and 7 months]

The Piano

In Y5 we have been studying a short film and we turned the visual images into narrative. Please enjoy some of the stories, more will get added over the next few days. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to edit and improve our stories. Some Y5’s are still busy writing, but please enjoy their stories, […]


Harnoor: Seasons In Y5 we’ve been learning about seasons during our ‘Earth and beyond’ topic in Science. We had an art day, where we started the day by playing around with all the colours and we created our own pallet of colours. We all then painted the seasons, by looking at our pallet and thinking […]

Paul Nash

Paul Nash is our Artist we are currently studying. He was a war artist. He was also in WW1 trenches himself! 1889–1946 Nationality: British Paul Nash was one of the most original British artists of the first half of the 20th Century. Working in the tradition of William Blake and Samuel Palmer, his paintings express […]

WW2 Artist

Oxford during WW2 – as seen by the artist: Paul Nash In the coming week, we will be looking at our WW2 Artist: PAUL NASH. We are going to use pastels to create our own WW2 art, in the style of Paul Nash. On the link you can see more of his great art.

Christmas stamps

Stamps are a Victorian Invention!  Webb & Webb has worked with Axel Scheffler, illustrator of children’s book The Gruffalo, to design The Royal Mail’s 2012 Christmas stamps. See more of HIS ARTWORK on this link!

Reflections in the water

 ‘Reflections in the water’ by Paul Cezanne. This artist is also a Victorian artist.  Remember what we said about the four R’s – ‘reflect’ is what you need to think about this weekend. Reflect [think] about your work and what ‘goal’ you want to set yourself and also what you need to do to achieve it.

Walter Tull

Walter Tull – by Harnoor Walter Tull – by Gursimran Y5’s are currently working on our Black History display that needs to go up by Friday 21st September. All year groups have a topic to be covered and Y5’s topic is ‘Freedom’. We’ve chosen Walter Tull as he was born during the Victorian era, our […]

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