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    Our shared values in Y5: To care for myself and others by making sure we are all safe and happy. To be honest in all we do/say. We always work hard and try our best. We listen carefully and thoroughly. We make sure we are always giving our best, so everyone else can be the best that they can be. We look after our property.
    We like to be 'leaders' and not 'followers' We always choose the 'good' light inside of us. We make the right choices at the right time.

    Anyone can train hard for a short period. Winners give their best every hour of every day for months on end.

    In 5V we like to stop and think - before we do or speak.

    'Give children a thought and they’ll learn for a day. Teach them to think and they’ll learn for a lifetime.’David Hyerle
    If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.- William Arthur Ward
    You cannot write it, if you cannot say it; you cannot say it, if you haven't heard it. - Pie Corbett

    We love to share our way of thinking, it does help us in our learning!

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    Rivers- Geography Topic
    The Titanic - 2012 - 100 years!

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    Queen Victoria: Reigned: 1837-1901 [63 years and 7 months]

Gimp software – free

Gimp is a graphic software package and we’ve been using it to create our own reading posters to promote reading in the school. It’s a fantastic piece of FREE software to have at home to play around and you can go really wild with Gimp! On the screenshot I’ve highlighted for you where to click […]

At home

Navkiran – collage and Navkiran has also applied an effect to one of her images. Can you spot the image with the ink effect?   Jatinder Well done to Jatinder and Navkiran – they’ve downloaded Paint.Net and created these collages at home. This shows how they applied their skills, what they’ve learned in school, at […]

Collage and effects – digital editing

 AvirajB – collage Hi everyone! In Y5 we’ve been having fun this past week! We’ve been learning how to use a graphics software package, called Paint.Net and we all think this software is really cool! On the link you will find instructions on how to download this wonderful piece of free software. We’ve been learning […]

Paint dot Net

Hello Y5! You have a ‘free’ day on Monday! Do enjoy your time at home…I hope your holiday has been great! I would like you to download a brilliant piece of free graphics software – of course with the help and permission of your parents [as always]. I have asked our IT Manager to install […]

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